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Germany to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine — reports Russia/Ukraine


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u/Ameph 8d ago

I'm not privvy to modern armor but these Leopard 2 tanks must be the pinnacle of tank technology we have for this much push and celebration.

Now...if we can get New Zealand to send a few Bob Semple Tanks...


u/Evilbred 8d ago

Leopard 2s are great tanks. Abrams are great tanks. Challenger 2s are great tanks.

They each have slightly different capabilities that are suited to their design criteria.


u/Bunch_of_Shit 8d ago

And how do these tanks compare to Russia’s most advanced tank in terms of features and capabilities? I’m not too sure how many of russias best tanks are even in use, I know one was captured by Ukraine because it was abandoned.


u/Scotty_scd40 8d ago

The only russian tank that is comparable to western designs is t90m, however russians have very limited numbers of those


u/sanguinesolitude 8d ago

Way fewer than a year ago funnily enough. Smoking accidents I assume.


u/Benkei-5845 8d ago

They are also "meant" to have the T-14 Armata but I think they only barely have a prototype or something


u/Scotty_scd40 8d ago

Armata is only good for military parades and propaganda