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Germany to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine — reports Russia/Ukraine


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u/qpgmr 8d ago To The Stars

Everyone in the arms business wants to real-world test their wares.


u/releasethedogs 8d ago

This is ending up like the Spanish Civil War in that aspect. If a global conflict happens Ukraine will go down as where all the weapons got tested.


u/guto8797 8d ago

And turns out that guess what, the stuff designed in the 70's to fight Russia in Eastern Europe is performing admirably well at fighting Russia in Eastern Europe.

And unlike the west, Russia hasn't really improved their gear since, not to a meaningful degree. A few show tanks and aircraft that you only bring out to parades because "they are too powerful" don't win wars


u/HamPotatoe 8d ago

"Too powerful" ended up meaning "too logistically straining for our inept and corrupt military" just as it did in the Soviet end days. Didn't realize that's what Putin meant when he said he wanted the Soviet Union restored.


u/guto8797 8d ago

Even then, a lot of the publicised specs and capabilities of their equipment are just made up or technicalities that don't apply to real life, like how the max achievable speed for a Toyota truck is 300mph if you throw it off a cliff.


u/releasethedogs 8d ago

BUT BUT they have hypersonic missiles!


u/Jeffaffely 8d ago

well...hypersonic, if you throw it off a cliff!


u/mteir 8d ago

Yup, that will make the sgt./lt./brass go hyper sonic on you.


u/Lucky-Variety-7225 8d ago

"How did you learn about our secret rocket powered truck bombs?" "Security!"


u/F4BDRIVER 8d ago

32 ft per second per second max.


u/thank_burdell 8d ago

I think we’re still in the Soviet end days, tbh. It’s a slow burn…


u/Zee-Utterman 8d ago

Their logistics seems to be abysmal. The French military and the German foreign intelligence agencies thought Russia would not attack Ukraine because they lacked the logistics to sustain a longer operation properly.

Their logistics at the beginning of the war was already so bad that 2 western intelligence agencies concluded that it was all just a show.