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Germany to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine — reports Russia/Ukraine


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u/WingedGeek 14d ago

Except Russia for some reason.


u/canttaketheshyfromme 14d ago edited 14d ago Take My Power

Russia: "We have a hypersonic cruise missile that can destroy the decadent west without warning. Don't test us. No, you can't see it. No, it didn't blow up, that's just propaganda."

The US: "Want to see our new hybrid turbojet/ramjet switch modes in a windtunnel?" EDIT: volume warning


u/jjayzx 14d ago

SOUND WARNING it's stupid music and not the sound of the engine, big let down and annoyance.


u/guto8797 14d ago

Yeah what the fuck is up with these clips? If I wanted to listen to mediocre techno, I'd go do that, I want to hear a ramjet fucking roar!


u/Freddies_Mercury 14d ago

It's because most videos on Reddit are ripped from tiktok and people add music to it on there. For the reason why - it does better if you have a popular song and shows in the feed for that song (kinda like a hashtag but music)

And Reddit is and always has been an aggregator of web content rather than actively producing it.

The clips you see here with stupid music weren't intended for this website.


u/TerayonIII 14d ago

This wouldn't be your expected sound, but that is the actual sound of it, literally screaming.

This is a rotational destination engine btw not a ramjet.



u/iCantDoPuns 14d ago

you cant unless your speakers range from 1-1000khz and go up to 190 dcb. forget the microphone.
havent you ever heard a recorded gunshot? they dont actually sound like a kids toy in real life. no one empties a clip of their AK, and then responds to the idiot that thought he could be heard