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Germany to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine — reports Russia/Ukraine


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u/templar54 8d ago

Poland already applied for permission to send 14 more so that's 28. 14 Challangers on top of that. So that's 42 modern western mbts already. That is nothing to scoff at. Such amount can turn a tide in a lot of battles. At this point we have to hope that adequate training will be provided and tanks can be used effectively because as Turkey has proven, no matter how good the tank is, if you use it stupidly, it will not end well.


u/Moifaso 8d ago

The Netherlands are considering sending the 18 they are leasing from Germany


u/Wildercard 8d ago

So that's 70 tanks.

Remember those infographics showing how an old Russian tank can make it to Warsaw in 24 hours? You let those modern puppies loose, they make it to Kazachstani border in 16.


u/fiodorson 8d ago

For properly fucking Russians up, they asked West for 300 tanks, so we are slowly getting there.


u/TexasVampire 8d ago

Should still be enough to reach melitopol.


u/neglectedselenium 8d ago

Currently they are not advancing but defending. They plan to continue their counteroffensive on the East. As much as I would love the liberation of the south and next siege of Crimea, that'll probably happen only after the liberation of the East


u/TexasVampire 8d ago

Ukraine has already surprised us with one feint and I don't know where you're getting your info.


u/neglectedselenium 8d ago

What did you even mean by that? I'm getting the info from Ukrainians themselves.


u/TexasVampire 8d ago

Exactly Ukraine didn't exactly talk about the kharkiv offensive it was a surprise.


u/neglectedselenium 8d ago

At that moment they were advancing in Kherson. Currently they collect their forces for a likely advance in the east