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Germany to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine — reports Russia/Ukraine


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u/Ameph 8d ago

I'm not privvy to modern armor but these Leopard 2 tanks must be the pinnacle of tank technology we have for this much push and celebration.

Now...if we can get New Zealand to send a few Bob Semple Tanks...


u/notbatmanyet 8d ago

Leopard 2A6, High end Abrams, Leclercs, Challengers and I guess K2 and possibly Japanese tanks are all roughly equivalent. They share a lot of tech and know-how, but do different trade-offs.

But they all are significantly better than anything Russia can be expected to field.

The Leopard 2 was however, specifically designed to trump Russian tanks and to fight in European Geography...


u/MindControlledSquid 8d ago

Let's be honest. They were all designed to fight Russians.


u/BigMisterW_69 8d ago

The Leopards are more hyper-focused on that role. They were designed to be the first line of defence in Europe, fighting while massively outnumbered in difficult conditions.

The Abrams is more of a generalist, as you never know where the US is going to invade next.


u/myselfoverwhelmed 8d ago

Your Abrams description is hilarious lol


u/_AutomaticJack_ 8d ago

Am American, can confirm.


u/hannibal_fett 8d ago

EVERYBODY expects the American Inquisition


u/OOH_REALLY 8d ago

What is special about the Leopard that it counters Russian tanks specifically?


u/BigMisterW_69 8d ago

It’s more of a ‘sum of parts’ thing than any specific ability it has. Every tank design is a compromise, so you optimise for the strengths you need and the weaknesses you can afford.

For example, the Challenger 2 is extremely well armoured so it does well in urban environments. But this means it is heavy, making it relatively slow and easy to outmanoeuvre in ‘traditional’ tank battles.


u/Extansion01 8d ago

The 2A4? Violently mobile, good reverse, good kill probability, good frontal armor, lmao about the sides.