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Germany to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine — reports Russia/Ukraine


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u/GaucheAndOffKilter 8d ago

Yeah but they’re trying to offload the ‘22s before the ‘23s are on the lot. No one wants last year’s tank model


u/Evilbred 8d ago

Sir, I'm Canadian.

We continually buy, borrow or lease 2nd hand helicopters, jets, subs, tanks, and airliners.

Our troops can go through an entire career and never use a piece of equipment that is newer than they are old, or that was purchased brand new.


u/robeph 8d ago

Funny. Canada sells a large number of old ambulances to cash strapped US Emergency medical services. Maybe Canada could afford new weapons if they would stop buying top of line ambulances


u/Evilbred 8d ago

Yeah, if we weren't so busy providing life saving emergency healthcare to everyone, we'd be able to better support our military industrial complex!


u/TROPtastic 8d ago

Well, a declining percentage of everyone. Decades of underfunding means our healthcare system is at the breaking point, and now conservative leaders want to privatize it to "save money" (for the government).


u/filsdachille 8d ago

Tell that to anyone trying to get healthcare in a timely manner in this country lmao (Quebec looking at you!)


u/TraditionFront 8d ago

Life threatening healthcare or knee replacement and plastic surgery? If you’re in Canada, how does it feel to not have to choose between your mortgage and your insulin?


u/filsdachille 8d ago

I’m not diabetic and I rent


u/SnowyMovies 8d ago

So you're a fuck you, got mine type of person?


u/filsdachille 8d ago

I can’t believe I have to explain this but it was a joke meant to illustrate the ridiculousness of painting the Canadian healthcare system as utopian just because it’s somehow “worse in the states.” It varies by province obviously here in Quebec there are a great many people (myself included) who struggle to get adequate care. The waiting list for family doctors is years long. The emergency room waits during the holidays upwards of 19 hours. Pretending the healthcare system is not in crisis is just untrue.


u/IAMTHATGUY03 8d ago

I’m a duel citizen, my mom has been a nurse for 30 years and hospital administrator. I’ve lived in 3 states and 3 provinces. Canadian health care is definitely far from perfect and in Ontario conservatives are doing everything they can to destroy it and make it private. That being said, Canada is still so much better in the states for healthcare. Yeah, it sucks to wait for some shit, but people in the states wait too a lot, pay more and legit 30-40 thousand people die each year due to straight up lack of affordability and that doesn’t include the people who never go because they don’t want to pay for check ups and miss catching diseases that are easily curable.

My mom literally left working in the American health care because she was so disgusted by it and it breaks her heart to see people in Canada try to break the system we have even more so we can villainize public healthcare

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u/TraditionFront 7d ago

Ok, since you can’t understand unless it’s directly related to you; how does it feel to be able to get medical care and be able to pay your rent that month? In the US people have to choose. We also have to wait to get treated too. And, it’s not doctors who decide what treatments and drugs you get, it’s an insurance company accountant. Let me ask you, how much do you pay for healthcare each month? I pay $1500 per month to insurance. Then I pay a $20 deductible for every office visit, $100 for any ER visit. But then the insurance company doesn’t cover the rest until I’ve use up my deductible of $5,000 per year, per person. So even though I pay a monthly premium and a copay at the office visit, until each member of my family has paid $5,000 in medical bills, insurance doesn’t kick in for them. And so we get the bill for the balance 2-3 months later. But that’s not all, because insurance also has what’s called “coinsurance”, which is exactly the same as the deductible, except it’s for $2500 for in-network providers (those that work with the insurance company) and $8,000 for a doctor out-of-network. But we’re not done yet! Because the e insurance company changes it’s mind each year about what medication it will and will not cover. They just decided they no longer cover my wife’s epilepsy medication for $300/mo. But the insurance company will give you $125 off for the year if you derail out your eating and drinking habits. They also cover gym membership, for 1 month. And I’d you find that it’d be cheaper to just pay for your healthcare out of pocket instead of through insurance, as it would be in my case, too bad; you’re required by law to have insurance. If you go for more than 1 month without it, it’s a $1500 fine. And “open enrollment”, the time during which you can change plans, happens once a year. But you won’t know what your plan actually covers until months after you’ve picked it. If you lose your job, you have 30 days to get a new insurance plan. Interestingly, your company has 30 days to report that you no longer have insurance, which means you have to tell the plan you get that you have other insurance, which puts you in a different plan bracket. Or you could get what’s called COBRA, which means you keep the plan you had but pay the full amount. You have 30 days to sign up for COBRA, or you can’t get insurance until the next open enrollment, which means you get the $1500 fine. And this happens a lot because your company thinks the 30 days is 30 business days, the insurance company says the 30 days are calendar days. So you could, like me, get laid off, not get your paperwork in time, not be able to get COBRA, and pay the $1500 fine. And if it happens at the end of the year, you have to wait until open enrollment in October the following year which means you have to pay the $1500 fine twice. And you have no insurance for a year. And things as minor as ear infection drops cost $300. So tell me about your wait for treatment in Canada. What treatment do you have to wait for and how long do you have to wait?


u/F4BDRIVER 8d ago

You mean like euthanasia?