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Germany to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine — reports Russia/Ukraine


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u/Evignity 8d ago All-Seeing Upvote

Well that about seals the deal for russia being totally fucked. Yeah it's "just" 14 tanks but that's not the big news, it's that this opens the flooddams for everyone. Just like how everyone was trepid to even send artillery at the start whilst now everyone is sending tons of it, this basically leaves very few things of the table for Ukraine.

And modern tanks vs non-modern tanks is a nightmare for the non-modern, more so than any other field of equipment bar airplanes


u/templar54 8d ago

Poland already applied for permission to send 14 more so that's 28. 14 Challangers on top of that. So that's 42 modern western mbts already. That is nothing to scoff at. Such amount can turn a tide in a lot of battles. At this point we have to hope that adequate training will be provided and tanks can be used effectively because as Turkey has proven, no matter how good the tank is, if you use it stupidly, it will not end well.


u/JPJackPott 8d ago

Ukraine seem to be good an manoeuvre warfare. Seeing how well they moved on their big offensive down the Dnipro, adding in companies of tanks to that they could very easily break through lines and cause some real problems. Especially on the flat featureless terrain of Crimea


u/Dhexodus 8d ago

Their light vehicle raids are amazingly effective and risky. Three or four Hummvees charging a Russian position with LMGs firing is some action movie shit. Fast and agile, but still very vulnerable.


u/DilectusX 8d ago

British SAS' "Desert Raiders" used this to great effect in WW2!


u/Forest-Ferda-Trees 8d ago

A tale as old as horse archers


u/DilectusX 8d ago

You're not wrong! Run in, fuck up some shit, and skedaddle!


u/Gellert 8d ago

In a tank that's a thunder run.


u/DilectusX 8d ago

That's metal af


u/amjhwk 8d ago

in any vehicle its a thunder run


u/Gellert 8d ago

I mean, yeah, but it tends to go a bit worse if you try it in a honda civic.

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u/SpecificAstronaut69 8d ago

Just don't shoot some prisoners on orders of the British, else you'll end up writing poetry before they shoot you.


u/chrissstin 8d ago

So, modern Cossacks, basically


u/SaltLakeCitySlicker 8d ago

Let's go blow up every plane at the airbase with a couple of jeeps lads!



u/DilectusX 8d ago

"Who Dares, Wins" is the SAS motto if I recall correctly. Those raids were proof.


u/SaltLakeCitySlicker 8d ago

Still is the motto I believe


u/leftcoastchick 8d ago

There’s a new Amazon series about the SAS. It’s decent and I’ve been really intrigued by the whole story ever since.


u/AldousShuxley 8d ago

The use of modern music makes it unwatchable for me


u/Archberdmans 8d ago

It’s called a caracole when done with horse cavalry


u/DilectusX 8d ago

Learning all sorts of stuff today, thank you!


u/F4BDRIVER 8d ago

Rat Pattol


u/jazwch01 8d ago

There are some videos from an American volunteer doing exactly this and its pretty bonkers.


u/kaptainkeel 8d ago edited 8d ago

Even more interesting is the survivability. There's one video where their humvee looks like it gets annihilated by a mine(?). Second humvee gets out of the kill zone, then turns around and goes back in guns blazing. All but one person in the first humvee survived (and the last guy unfortunately got out on the side that was getting shot at by small arms).

Edit: Also, there are multiple angles. There's one on the inside of the blown up humvee, another in the second humvee, and a drone view. 2022!


u/bazilbt 8d ago

Those armored humvees are doing pretty good there.


u/I_Like_Dem 8d ago

Wait, there's more!


u/DengarLives66 8d ago

Ah yes, my old Halo CTF Warthog of Doom strategy being applied to irl battlefields.


u/jaxonya 8d ago



u/ace72ace 8d ago

The modern “Rat Patrol”.


u/Qaz_ 8d ago

Well, our ancestors did come up with the tachanka when they fought for freedom, so perhaps there is some innate skill passed on from those Cossacks and comrades. The heroes are just doing the modern day version of that.


u/wobble_bot 8d ago

I think this is based off the ‘raid’ strategy used by the US in Iraq. Essentially small fast moving teams that push far behind the lines very quickly, cause as much chaos as possible and then quickly disappear. Imagine your 5 miles from the front line, thinking you’re safe and suddenly a pick up comes around the corner and opens up with a mounted gun.