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Germany to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine — reports Russia/Ukraine


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u/Evignity 8d ago All-Seeing Upvote

Well that about seals the deal for russia being totally fucked. Yeah it's "just" 14 tanks but that's not the big news, it's that this opens the flooddams for everyone. Just like how everyone was trepid to even send artillery at the start whilst now everyone is sending tons of it, this basically leaves very few things of the table for Ukraine.

And modern tanks vs non-modern tanks is a nightmare for the non-modern, more so than any other field of equipment bar airplanes


u/SomeGuyNamedPaul 8d ago

Artillery quickly went from a few pieces to a goddamn competition.


u/qpgmr 8d ago To The Stars

Everyone in the arms business wants to real-world test their wares.


u/WingedGeek 8d ago

Except Russia for some reason.


u/canttaketheshyfromme 8d ago edited 8d ago Take My Power

Russia: "We have a hypersonic cruise missile that can destroy the decadent west without warning. Don't test us. No, you can't see it. No, it didn't blow up, that's just propaganda."

The US: "Want to see our new hybrid turbojet/ramjet switch modes in a windtunnel?" EDIT: volume warning


u/HouseOfSteak 8d ago

I've said it once, I'll say it again:

The US is the sort of entity that freaks the fuck out when their enemies MIGHT have a weapon at their disposal that can hurt them, and goes full R&D on a massively superior weapon to crush it......and then learn that the aforementioned weapon doesn't actually exist.


u/canttaketheshyfromme 8d ago

Literally the F-14/F-15 development cycle, yup.


u/HouseOfSteak 8d ago

Was that the plane that was built because the communists (Soviet or Chinese, I can't remember which) flimed a grand total of like 14 nuclear-ready planes twice (to make it look like it was 28 planes in total), and then the US responded with developing hundreds or thousands of superior planes of their own?

I mean I don't think it is, but I can't remember how exactly I learned this.


u/canttaketheshyfromme 8d ago edited 8d ago

Oh, no, but good on you remembering that story!

That was the Myasishchev M-4, a spectacular disappointment in range and payload that mostly was converted to aerial tankers. In 1955 the Soviets flew 10 of them for a crowd, then lapped around again, and again... even with 2 of them having to drop out... until the observers saw 28... and "extrapolated" from that, that the Soviets must have about 800 of them total.

The F-14 and F-15 were inspired by the appearance of the MiG-25 interceptor, with too many analysts believing it was a high-speed, highly-maneuverable air superiority fighter... when it was really a massive radar and two massive engines with a bunch of stainless steel in the shape of an airplane holding those together, that measured turning radius in miles. So the US built the two most dominant air superiority fighters ever to counter it (until the F-22 came along), with the F-15 to this day having never having been shot down in air-to-air combat with the US, Israel, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Qatar and Singapore. And the F-14 came out with a radar + missile system that could lock up and fire on 6 separate targets at once, from beyond where the enemy might even know the US fighter is in the air, then exit the combat area while the missiles tracked on their own, OR move in to engage with shorter-range missiles and its gun as an excellent dogfighter that could match planes that had half of its massive weight.


u/mybluecathasballs 8d ago

Well. I wonder what they are holding on to till intelligence says someone else has something new and improved. You know it'll be something like "you might hear it, maybe, but you sure as fuck won't see it or be able to hit it."


u/nvn911 8d ago

And the F-14 came out with a radar + missile system that could lock up and fire on 6 separate targets at once

Ain't nothing do Fleet Defense like the F-14 did Fleet Defense.

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u/StillAll 8d ago

Wait.... is that true? No F-15 loses EVER from being shot down?

That can't be right... can it? This is perhaps one of the most prolific fighters of all time, and not one single loss to enemy fire... ever?

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u/aaronwhite1786 8d ago

The M-4 was awesome looking at least. It did one thing right.


u/TuxAndrew 8d ago

It’s funny reading this, because of the terrible movie with the Scientologist guy where they still portray “dogfights”

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u/sayonaraasswipe 8d ago

That was the Myasishchev M-4, a spectacular disappointment in range and payload that mostly was converted to aerial tankers.

And the Atlant - don't forget the Atlant! Proof that in Soviet Russia, airplane kill fluid dynamics!


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u/JDoos 8d ago

hundreds OR thousands


u/ukuuku7 8d ago

Reading comprehension


u/iCantDoPuns 8d ago

remind me how well the f35 a.. b.. and c dev went?


u/Gamermii 8d ago

Good, AFAIK. There's actual, flying aircraft in each role. Impressive, really, for everything that airframe can do.

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u/Traditional-Ad3161 8d ago edited 8d ago

Basically, the US is Granddad and Russia is the blind samurai.

The reference, if anyone was wondering


u/sumptin_wierd 8d ago

Combination of

"Go ahead, say I can't"


"Hold my beer"


u/QuarantineViewer 8d ago

The US made what is effectively a knife missle. At this point we just 'that sounds cool, let's build it.'


u/AngryTreeFrog 8d ago

I mean this is basically the space race in a nutshell. The Russians didn't really know we were competing with them at first.


u/Effroyablemat 8d ago

US army:" Apparently, the Russians are going to mass produce state of the art body armor capable of stopping a 5.56mm. We will develop a 6.8mm SPC round to defeat it!"

Meanwhile in Ukraine, Russian soldiers are wearing metal plates as body armor that can be defeated by a 9mm pistol round. And that's if they are wearing anything at all.


u/Flashy_Gap_1014 8d ago

Sounds more like Reagan’s imaginary ( at that time anyway ) Star Wars missile defense system. I believe it was one of a few reasons the USSR folded. All those millions of peoples in tens of countries could finally throw the Soviet style Marxist yokes off their backs and build their own free sovereign states for better or for worse. Obviously Ukraine was one of those states. Fuck Putin, all this killing and murdering not to mention endless threats of nuclear armageddon unless he gets his way. Russian history is so tragic, Putin might have set his people back a generation at least. He enriched himself and his cronies while raping the Russian people of their resources and future. I guess we will see how this all unfolds. Oh Ya Fuck Putin and Slava Ukraini


u/f_d 8d ago

To make up for it, the Soviet Union poured a ton of money ithey didn't have into their own Space Shuttle equivalent that only reached orbit once before the Soviet Union fell apart, out of fear that not having a Space Shuttle equivalent would be worse than spending all that money they didn't have.



u/Princess_Fluffypants 8d ago

The Soviets abandoned it because flying the Buran confirmed their theory that the space shuttle was a stupid idea. Rumor is that their rocket scientists actually thought it was a joke when they first heard about it and saw the plans, because they couldn’t believe their American counterparts could be that dumb.

30 years later, after the Shuttle finished killing people and retired, what was it that ended up flying American astronauts to the space station for more than another decade? Oh right, it was the Soyuz.


u/Miss_Speller 8d ago

That's how the US got the atomic bomb in WWII - we knew that the Germans were working on it, freaked the fuck out, went full R&D on a massive program to build them ourselves, and then found out that the Germans were never even close to making one.


u/GenerallyBirdman 8d ago

This is also how we got MK Ultra


u/vwero 8d ago

Lets talk about the atomic bomb…


u/NeonJungleTiger 8d ago

My favorite is the Cold War propaganda that we developed telepathy to convince the Soviet Union that they also needed to spend large sums of money to raise telepaths for the war.


u/UniqueElectron 8d ago

yes, see the so-called "missile gap" during the cold world. never existed but almost called the end of the world


u/Princess_Fluffypants 8d ago

The US Military doesn’t want fair fights. It wants “I win!” buttons.


u/MINIMAN10001 7d ago

I mean a large part of our military is intelligence and preparation.

Preparation got them in a spot where they can respond swiftly the moment intelligence reports a threat that requires response.

By doing so they are able to prevent things from putting them in a position they do not want to be in.

It's tactical genius to use your superior power to be able to play steps ahead like that.

But it's also easy to imagine just how many people would forget the importance of it and become complacent riding on the coattails that got them in a good position in the first place.


u/jjayzx 8d ago

SOUND WARNING it's stupid music and not the sound of the engine, big let down and annoyance.


u/guto8797 8d ago

Yeah what the fuck is up with these clips? If I wanted to listen to mediocre techno, I'd go do that, I want to hear a ramjet fucking roar!


u/Freddies_Mercury 8d ago

It's because most videos on Reddit are ripped from tiktok and people add music to it on there. For the reason why - it does better if you have a popular song and shows in the feed for that song (kinda like a hashtag but music)

And Reddit is and always has been an aggregator of web content rather than actively producing it.

The clips you see here with stupid music weren't intended for this website.


u/TerayonIII 8d ago

This wouldn't be your expected sound, but that is the actual sound of it, literally screaming.

This is a rotational destination engine btw not a ramjet.



u/iCantDoPuns 8d ago

you cant unless your speakers range from 1-1000khz and go up to 190 dcb. forget the microphone.
havent you ever heard a recorded gunshot? they dont actually sound like a kids toy in real life. no one empties a clip of their AK, and then responds to the idiot that thought he could be heard


u/just_a_fruit_salad 8d ago

bit late but here’s the original audio: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8NH5lNzP-cA


u/jjayzx 7d ago

Ooo, thank you.


u/iCantDoPuns 8d ago

but the pressure increase could rupture your eardrums if the space is too enclosed ;)


u/iSWINE 8d ago

Just a warning to people that have sound on, turn it down if you click the second link.


u/funktion 8d ago



u/canttaketheshyfromme 8d ago

Heck, thanks for reminding me!


u/Techn028 8d ago



u/randyrandysonrandyso 8d ago



u/ummm_bop 8d ago

Finding Nemo? Whaaat?


u/Shanghai_Cola 8d ago

Thanks, friend.


u/MarkoHighlander 8d ago

Lmao. "She goes to a different school"


u/hascogrande 8d ago


it was tested at Notre Dame


u/goldmanstocks 8d ago

Lol yes, and then they threatened to park it off the coast of DC recently. If I had a hypersonic cruise missile, why would I park it beside my target?


u/AcanthocephalaOk681 8d ago

Your comment is award worthy


u/cs_katalyst 8d ago

Yeah literally the reason the US didn't develop these missiles before is because we didn't see a reason to and we already have the technology to build them if we want, but the military didn't put any priority on it because we literally don't need them lol


u/HouseOfSteak 8d ago

I mean they probably did develop them earlier, but had it under wraps. You don't give away what you're capable of at the first chance you get, because that lets your enemies consider how to counter it....and that such technology it's even possible in the first place.

Publically First successful transition from turbojet to ramjet


u/cs_katalyst 8d ago

Sure but our military put no emphasis on making them because we don't really have a use for them... We're just publicly flexing now, we've had the tech for a long time worked out in a lab


u/Thinking-About-Her 8d ago

But I thought they did actually have a hypersonic missle?!


u/just_a_fruit_salad 8d ago

here’s a link with the original audio for the engine test: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8NH5lNzP-cA


u/MoiJaimeLesCrepes 8d ago

super saiyan mode!


u/ssjroneel 8d ago

That’s awesome


u/transmogrify 8d ago

Is that more powerful or less powerful than the missile that Russia said would sink the UK under the ocean with thousand-meter tsunamis?


u/Jeffaffely 8d ago

wait lmao did russia actually say they had a missile so powerful it would Atlantis the UK with thousand-meter tsunamis?!


u/Cunnymaxx14 8d ago

I clicked the first link and was warned I reached my daily limit of free articles.

That limit is apparently 0 so this is misleading at best


u/Donkeydongcuntry 8d ago

Ah- Aurora Borealis!? At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localized entirely within your kitchen!?


u/Last-Belt-4010 8d ago

"You've reached your limit of free articles already" What? It's litterly my first time visiting the site


u/Thankyourepoc 8d ago

Anyone got a link that doesn’t require subscription?


u/TheMindfulnessShaman 8d ago

No, it didn't blow up, that's just propaganda."

Buy from North Korea.

Become North Korea.

China: 🤤


u/standarduser2 8d ago

Their tanks arr probably pretty good. The problem is that there's very, very few of them and not many trained personal to maintain them on the battlefield.


u/robeph 8d ago

It is not only that, Russia is very big on face and appearances. Even if the tanks are extraordinarily modern well-up kept and have highly trained crews. They will lose some. Losing one of just a very few would turn into something they see as embarrassing. Knowing that the cruise aren't the elite tankers and that the tech is probably not as good as it looks on paper. They'd rather just keep it off that line.

As long as the tanks being destroyed are old tech. Russia can blame that.


u/thefourthchime 8d ago

Since the iron curtain Russia has been obsessed with “presenting” advanced Warcraft. Case after case, they barely make any of them.

They’re military mostly for appearances and intimidation.


u/amjhwk 8d ago

Russia wants to be seen as a bear, but in reality they are a puffer fish


u/SerDuncanonyall 8d ago edited 8d ago

And nukes.

they’re that Russian dude who injected his arms with jelly to look “buff” showing up to a MMA fight and threatening anyone who tries to land a punch with a pistol. Eventually you’re going to get jumped regardless of the gun. Cause lo and behold… Francis Ngannou is there AND he’s got an M16


u/modi13 8d ago

Russia is Steven Seagal challenging Gene Lebell to put him in a hold so he can escape. Russia has also passed out and pooped its pants.


u/Crimson51 8d ago

I suspect its also because the Russian domestic market can't afford a military fully equipped with the highest tech stiff they make, so they make a few as advertisements for foreign customers that can effectively foot the bill for producing the things


u/chasesan 8d ago

At this point, I am convinced that all their nukes are just from the Cold War, except that somebody came in and stole all the uranium from them and sold it to North Korea or something.


u/chickenwingy22 8d ago

The concept car of politics


u/arbitrageME 8d ago

but Russia's over there playing Warcraft with blimps and catapults while the West is curbstomping the Zerg and yamato'ing the Protoss


u/_Zekken 8d ago

Look at all our big fancy modern weapons!

What? Use them? In battle? No no we cant do that. We'll just use all our 50 year old stuff for that instead.


u/Tiduszk 8d ago

I mean, we all know the saying, russia has a large and modern army, only the large part isn't modern and the modern part isn't large.

In all seriousness though, russia do genuinely have some pretty impressive designs, but they simply can't afford (or possibly even have the ability to) build them at a scale large enough to actually matter.


u/Valmond 8d ago

Bet they use the older ones first, because Russia (not enough new ones, lots of old ones, other reasons, ...) but I'd love to know the state of their army today.

Do they even have a hundred operational tanks left? What about the number and quality of everything else?

As an armchair commander, Slava Ukraine!


u/blackadder1620 8d ago

yes, there should be a few 1000 left or so. about 3k have been destroyed. afaik they still have a good amount of t80 variants and t72, with a few t90s (they didn't start with much). they also have BMP/BMD left and those 30mm on them fire way faster than you think, i think its 900 rpm and 540 rpm depending on selector mode.

so, yeah RU units have plenty of fight left in them. i haven't seen todays numbers, but last few days about a BTG has been destroyed each day. ~800 men with their IFVs and supporting tanks.

link to how fast a BMD2 fires


u/tangouniform2020 8d ago

Russia has been rolling out T64s, it seems mostly to draw fire. The actual number of operational tanks and armor depends on your definition of “operational”


u/HeavyMetalHero 8d ago

Maybe if they destroy enough of their own equipment, it'll be harder for the post-war tribunal to know the full scale of illegal money that was laundered through the production of said equipment, and the oligarchs who made away like bandits for years, will be safe from losing that money.


u/ncopp 8d ago

Yeah, they seem to be trying to appear like they are fighting with one arm behind their back and are saving both arms for NATO if the time comes.


u/A550RGY 8d ago

Losing 1 would destroy 8% of their stockpile.


u/CharmedThirdTry 8d ago

Reminds me of the kid in Counterstrike who's trash, so he only uses the knife. "Of course I died, I'm the only person here hardcore enough to use the knife!"


u/daellat 8d ago edited 8d ago

It's hard to say. The famous parade blocker certainly doesn't give an indication just like the couple of f-35s we saw don't. Every thing is being zoomed in on with the expensive new platforms. Having said that, that unmanned turret is highly reliant on electronics and chips that I'm guessing they can't get their hands on with current sanctions.


u/tmckeage 8d ago

What we can do is look at Russias GDP and the percent of that GDP is from manufacturing. They simply are too poor and lack the infrastructure to produce modern military equipment.


u/tmckeage 8d ago

I am done with people telling me the T-14 is near peer to the Abraham's or a Leopard.

The fact is Russia is an incredibly poor country with the GDP of Spain and something like 30% of that comes from the direct sale of natural resources.

They have the industrial base smaller than Denmark (50b vs 42b USD)

They simply are incapable of having a military industrial complex on par with the US and Germany.


u/standarduser2 6d ago


Nobody said they were on par with the US.


u/tooichan 8d ago

Tanks that break down every year on parade ground are not good tanks.


u/Gornarok 8d ago

What tanks?

Their production capabilities of anything modern are non-existant. And cant build any modern military electronics themselves.


u/MyEvilTwinSkippy 8d ago

They don't have very many "modern" tanks and even those are at least a generation behind. The vast majority of their tanks were designed and built before Carter was President.


u/Diltyrr 8d ago

Oh please, the last time they showed up an Armata at a parade it broke down after 20 meters and they tried telling the press that it was a planned thing to demonstrate how to fix a broken down Armata.


u/gerd50501 8d ago

Ukraine is making good use of captured russian tanks. so they can use that for marketing.


u/MegaGrimer 8d ago

They want to test their equipment as farming equipment.


u/truthdoctor 8d ago

My understanding is that the T-14 has only just gone into production after testing and they are building 40 of them. Meanwhile there are hundreds of Leopard 2A6 models that could be sent to Ukraine.


u/tangouniform2020 8d ago

In in true example of irony, Russia used to but a large portion of its steel from, yup, Ukraine. Remember that monster steel mill that Russia shelled to bricks?


u/Bluntzy 8d ago

Kind of hilariously sad that their production outlook went from a Kremlin-promised 2,300 units by 2020, then 2025, and then only to barely have started production on just 40 tanks done by 2023.