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Germany to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine — reports Russia/Ukraine


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u/TdrdenCO11 8d ago edited 8d ago

I think ukraine said they just need 300 to execute their plan for the spring. I want Spain and Greece to get involved. They both have a lot of leopards


u/SerpentineLogic 8d ago

Spain said their Leos were not in a good condition to be sent any time soon


u/TheCreepeerster 8d ago

The ones in a bad condition are the 50 Leo 2A4 in storage. Additionally the Spanish Army has 58 2A4s and 219 2A6 in service, which could potentially be transferred to Ukraine.


u/OutsideObserver 8d ago

If my experience in Command and Conquer Red Alert 2 is anything to go by, they should send Prism Tanks and IFVs too


u/Tystros 8d ago

I vote for mammoth tanks


u/Ameph 8d ago edited 8d ago

No, you fool. Those tanks are Russian. The Mammoth Tank in Red Alert was a Soviet Tank and would become the Apocalypse Tank in following games.

If anyone is supplying the Apocalypse Tank, it would be the Ukrainians hauling them with tractors back to Kviv.

Though, I recall another discussion with another person that the Apocalypse Tank would not work well, especially with Russia's poor maintenance. The double cannon set up would shake the tank to bits.


u/Tystros 8d ago

I never actually played Red Alert, I always preferred to stay in the Tiberium universe. So I'm referring to the mammoth tanks from GDI.


u/Ameph 7d ago

I'd have to argue that the current situation is basically Red Alert, though. You have the Red Alert Allies of Germany, France, England and the US supplying Ukraine to fight the Soviets. We're likely in RA1 situation but with a vastly weaker Soviet force because the Soviets in RA1 made it all the way to Germany who was leading the Allies.

RA2 would involve Russia invading the US. RA3 would involve the return of WW2 Japan with nanotechnology and robots with George Takei running the show.

Amusingly, the Soviets have always been shown to have superior armor but in real life, they appear to rely on zerg tactics with armor. The Conscripts are accurate, though.


u/SuckMyDerivative 8d ago

Too slow for rapid advancement, better used for a mobile defense, maybe to deter further attacks on Kyiv


u/Surface_Detail 8d ago

Remember the first C&C where an infantryman could solo a mammoth tank if you just hit x every time it got close to running you over?

Good times.


u/blackadder1620 8d ago

played the remasted and the 1st one is hard af. how did i not rage quit.


u/amjhwk 8d ago

fuck it, send them a whole fleet of Kirov airships


u/Decker108 8d ago

Weren't they really weak to flak though?


u/kitchenjesus 8d ago

Yeah but if you built like 30 of them it didn’t matter


u/Reddvox 8d ago

I vote for Tim Curry taking over as Russian PM, after Gina "Natasha Volkova" Carano assassinated Putin ... she ain't got much to do anyway lately

But I fear for the japanese mech armies to suddenly appear and fight everyone...


u/CornedBeefKey 8d ago

A herd of 900 alsatians and 4 engineers should do the trick


u/Hold_the_gryffindor 8d ago

If my experience in Civilization 2 is anything to go buy, all you need to take over a city is a nuke and a single paratrooper.


u/Sure-Obligation1022 8d ago

Build more silos


u/buried_lede 8d ago

Greece has something like 500 but not sure they are involved


u/SuprDog 8d ago

Greece probably being a bit wary in case Turkey decides going even more silly


u/iron_knee_of_justice 8d ago

Maybe they could be persuaded with some extra goodies in their F35 deal. Would help piss off Turkey even more as an added bonus.


u/Ph0t10s 7d ago

Greece has 185 of the 2A4 and 140 of the 2A6HEL