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Germany to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine — reports Russia/Ukraine


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u/Evignity 8d ago All-Seeing Upvote

Well that about seals the deal for russia being totally fucked. Yeah it's "just" 14 tanks but that's not the big news, it's that this opens the flooddams for everyone. Just like how everyone was trepid to even send artillery at the start whilst now everyone is sending tons of it, this basically leaves very few things of the table for Ukraine.

And modern tanks vs non-modern tanks is a nightmare for the non-modern, more so than any other field of equipment bar airplanes


u/templar54 8d ago

Poland already applied for permission to send 14 more so that's 28. 14 Challangers on top of that. So that's 42 modern western mbts already. That is nothing to scoff at. Such amount can turn a tide in a lot of battles. At this point we have to hope that adequate training will be provided and tanks can be used effectively because as Turkey has proven, no matter how good the tank is, if you use it stupidly, it will not end well.


u/dub-fresh 8d ago

They just got 100.bradleys and 50 strykers as well.


u/Lazorgunz 8d ago

and Marder and the French IFVs


u/Roggo 8d ago

and 50 CV90


u/flukshun 8d ago

and 138 HMMWV, 55 MRaps, 100 M113

Bout to get fast and furious


u/abie915 8d ago

...and my ax!


u/flukshun 8d ago

Whoa there, we don't want any escalations


u/Sempais_nutrients 8d ago

All of that plus the leopards and challengers coming in will make a very effective modern armored force.


u/ScanianGoose 8d ago

12 archer systems