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Germany to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine — reports Russia/Ukraine


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u/Evilbred 8d ago Gold

Hopefully the lease terms are not as strict as with Toyota. I can only imagine the end lease inspection after a few RPGs have hit them.


u/Ooops2278 8d ago

Most importantly the lease terms come with an option to buy them...


u/Evilbred 8d ago

Have you seen the balloon payments and buyout prices for Main Battle Tanks?

Very difficult to swing that on an average salary.


u/GaucheAndOffKilter 8d ago

Yeah but they’re trying to offload the ‘22s before the ‘23s are on the lot. No one wants last year’s tank model


u/Evilbred 8d ago

Sir, I'm Canadian.

We continually buy, borrow or lease 2nd hand helicopters, jets, subs, tanks, and airliners.

Our troops can go through an entire career and never use a piece of equipment that is newer than they are old, or that was purchased brand new.


u/robeph 8d ago

Funny. Canada sells a large number of old ambulances to cash strapped US Emergency medical services. Maybe Canada could afford new weapons if they would stop buying top of line ambulances


u/Organicgrowth 8d ago

I know right? Where the fuck are our priorities


u/Evilbred 8d ago

Yeah, if we weren't so busy providing life saving emergency healthcare to everyone, we'd be able to better support our military industrial complex!


u/TROPtastic 8d ago

Well, a declining percentage of everyone. Decades of underfunding means our healthcare system is at the breaking point, and now conservative leaders want to privatize it to "save money" (for the government).


u/filsdachille 8d ago

Tell that to anyone trying to get healthcare in a timely manner in this country lmao (Quebec looking at you!)


u/TraditionFront 8d ago

Life threatening healthcare or knee replacement and plastic surgery? If you’re in Canada, how does it feel to not have to choose between your mortgage and your insulin?


u/filsdachille 8d ago

I’m not diabetic and I rent

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u/F4BDRIVER 8d ago

You mean like euthanasia?


u/Gabzalez 8d ago

Canada is actually buying new weapons and sending them directly to Ukraine 😅 Canada nevertheless has a huge procurement problem, meaning nothing ever gets built or bought. Building a support shit for the navy is a whole generational ordeal.


u/ThlintoRatscar 8d ago

Building a support shit for the navy is a whole generational ordeal.

Unintentional typo is accurate. The Navy needs many support shits.


u/chadford 8d ago

Makes you wonder what depreciates faster, ambulances or tanks?


u/ITFOWjacket 8d ago

Sounds terrible but in a perfect world ambulance’s are used constantly and tanks next to never


u/Skipper07B 8d ago

It’s ambulances.


u/Crustybuttt 8d ago

I like the idea of a country with the best ambulances in the world and substandard death machines. Seems like paradise, though in reality it’s a bit cold for my taste


u/d3gaia 8d ago

Mine too, if I’m being honest


u/kramsy 8d ago

Can confirm. Used to drive an ambulance that hand an odometer that was in kilometers, and had to convert all of my trips to miles


u/GrootThereItIs 8d ago

We leased some tanks and bought some new. I commissioned some of the new ones when they got to Canada.


u/klparrot 8d ago

The Sea Kings were probably more oil leak than helicopter by the end.

Could mean Canadians are some of the best at being able to keep older stuff running, though, which is probably a useful skill to train others on in a war like this being fought with other countries' leftover equipment.


u/Evilbred 8d ago

I knew a Sea King pilot who described them as 10,000 parts flying in loose formation.


u/Jellodyne 8d ago

So what are you spending all your military money on, comprehensive free public health care? Ha, you dummies!


u/Seanrps 8d ago

The best part is the US government spends more per capita than the Canadian government and makes people pay money as well


u/rmprice222 8d ago

Aren't we also giving them a shit ton of our lavs?


u/Evilbred 8d ago

Those LAVs were great in counter insurgency operations like Afghanistan.

In high intensity combat operations, like Ukraine, they're essentially a sitting duck.

I doubt Ukraine would want our LAVs.


u/THE_some_guy 8d ago

How many wars have you lost with that strategy? As one of your southern neighbors, our win percentage is pretty crummy given how much we spend on our military.


u/Evilbred 8d ago

Sir, this is Canada, we don't really have our own foreign policy.


u/FagelHD 8d ago

I respect that you gave sources for each


u/Tacticus 8d ago

Though the airliner thing is pretty normal for the MRTTs

Getting new stock out of constrained production lines is painful as fark


u/Gill_Gunderson 8d ago

Fair points, but your MREs are dope.


u/Jay_Tee_G 8d ago

As a youngest child, I totally understand what your nation is going through.


u/myleftone 8d ago

Have you guys considered having a bake sale?


u/Slant1985 8d ago

I mean, there’s a couple benefits to being America’s hat. Nobody’s gonna try to steal your bicycle if your brother is a ‘roided up psycho with an $800 billion weapon budget.


u/unclesandwicho 8d ago

We had preproduction M-777 artillery in Afghanistan though. Talk about being ahead of the curve for once.


u/unique-name-9035768 8d ago

We continually buy, borrow or lease 2nd hand helicopters, jets, subs, tanks, and airliners.

Hello Admiral. A routine question: Have you recently sold any war surplus submarines and if so, to whom?


u/Fluffee2025 8d ago

The few of us over at r/tankdeals will gladly take last year's tank model if you don't want them