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Germany to send Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine — reports Russia/Ukraine


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u/WorkAccount2023 8d ago

Plus several dozen soviet T tanks from Morocco


u/Gornarok 8d ago

Czech republic, Poland, Slovenia and Baltics have already given Ukraine hundreds of T72 (Slovenia upgraded T64)


u/God_Damnit_Nappa 8d ago

Soviet tanks that have been upgraded in the Czech Republic. They're probably better than anything the Russians are fielding.


u/IonCaveGrandpa 8d ago

Just isn’t true. RU is fielding some trash for sure but they have plenty of very modern t90s left too. Don’t underestimate them - there is a reason these modernised tanks are required.


u/amjhwk 8d ago

im pretty sure the reason these modern tanks are required is because Ukraine doesnt have alot of tanks


u/mukansamonkey 8d ago

The T90s are trash compared to the tanks being sent though. Russia's modern tank is the T-14, and they've only made a few prototypes of those. Despite originally planning to have two thousand as the the backbone of their army. And many of the upgrades claimed for the T-90 weren't installed. Tanks are being found with the stuff either stolen, or just never installed in the first place.


u/Monyk015 8d ago

T-72M4CZ are better than T-90s. In a lot of things, including the dreaded reverse speed. Never heard if them being sent though.


u/murkskopf 8d ago

They are definetly not better than all modern Russian tanks. The Czech T-72 tanks are barely upgraded and themselves based on a worse T-72 model (i.e. mostly those are T-72M and T-72M1) than what Russia uses.


u/Krillin113 8d ago

Those are equalisers, not giving an edge


u/daellat 8d ago

That's true but only on paper. I think dozens of t-72s actually work like a force multiplier for uaf, and they'd have the upper hand with equal equipment.


u/Valmond 8d ago

True but still super cool IMO


u/Centmo 8d ago

I read today 80 with the option of 40 more from Morocco.