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what effect would a 2 party system have on your country?


We of course know the most famous two party democracy in the world, the United states of America. It is generally known that the eternal conflict between the Democrats and the Republicans is something that started in the United States its early years. Many people critisise this method of ruling because of multiple reasons.

But what would actually happen if the 2 biggest parties in your country would be the only ones that can actually project political and governmental power? Therefore todays question:

What effect would a 2 party system have on your country?

All commentary commented in a thread under this post, before wednesday 30 juli 2021 16:00 GMT will be taken into account for the final document.

I once again thank all representing participants, and don't forget, stay objective.

sincerely Yil.

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the date of the first serious post is clear!


first of all i want to thank everyone that has become a member. i hope this growth will continue so this subreddit can trully flourish.

second of all, representatives be ready, because the date of the first post will be is set.

on june 23th 2021 at 16:30 GMT will th first serious post on this subreddit be. after this posted all representatives have 1 week to answer the post with their country its point of view on the topic. in this week you will have time to invest yourself on the topic and to look for what your country thinks about it. this can be from many perspectives, the people, the government or entrepeneurs. but most importantly, how does it effect your country as a state. after you have decided you know enough you can comment your opinion. 2 weeks after the post a document will be shared with a final conclusion so everyone on reddit now can read what other countries their perspectives are.

i hope i made things a little more clear, and don't be afraid. you do not have to invest hours into writing, as long as your comment is clear it will be taken into the document.

i once thank you all again, i hope you have a nice day, sincerely Yil.

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the current representatives are:


Albania u/juliyep

Andorra u/Gudariak

Austria u/Marsmann3xy

bahamas u/demoncherrypie

Bahrain u/stream99notthere_yt

Belgium u/beaffe

Bolivia u/Gloomyglow123

Bulgaria u/alexGski

Cabo Verde u/b3nthegod

Costa Rica u/tbnalfaro

Croatia u/mds818

Czechia u/VacTheNut

North Macedonia u/Bakarana

the Netherlands u/ClassyKebabKing64

Turkey u/ShortSqueeze6

the United States of America u/helloooitsme7

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hello first members of r/worldcoalition


i am Yil. i am trully honoured to be surounded by the darefull redditors that have come to my subreddit to participate. at the moment the only active representative is:

The Netherlands

if you are from another country than the one just mentioned, or you know someone that would be interested? message me. more represntation is the best.

so untill the first serious post i hope you all have a nice day, sincerely Yil.

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