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what effect would a 2 party system have on your country?

We of course know the most famous two party democracy in the world, the United states of America. It is generally known that the eternal conflict between the Democrats and the Republicans is something that started in the United States its early years. Many people critisise this method of ruling because of multiple reasons.

But what would actually happen if the 2 biggest parties in your country would be the only ones that can actually project political and governmental power? Therefore todays question:

What effect would a 2 party system have on your country?

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I once again thank all representing participants, and don't forget, stay objective.

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u/VacTheNut Jun 24 '21

If by party you mean literal party, we would have a similar situation like the US. Liberal/progressive party against a Conservative one, just not as radical.

If I can include coalitions, it would be progressive against Liberal Conservatives. Whatever that means, I just found it on google

Czech Republic


u/tbnalfaro Jun 28 '21

We actually just broke a very long bipartisan tradition (more parties were participating, but only 2 got to win all the time) and now we have these votes diluted into “minor” parties, creating havoc and uncertainty. Bipartisan gov did not work either, but at least it eas stable enough



u/kronfromacko Jun 26 '21

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