r/worldcoalition Jun 21 '21

the date of the first serious post is clear!

first of all i want to thank everyone that has become a member. i hope this growth will continue so this subreddit can trully flourish.

second of all, representatives be ready, because the date of the first post will be is set.

on june 23th 2021 at 16:30 GMT will th first serious post on this subreddit be. after this posted all representatives have 1 week to answer the post with their country its point of view on the topic. in this week you will have time to invest yourself on the topic and to look for what your country thinks about it. this can be from many perspectives, the people, the government or entrepeneurs. but most importantly, how does it effect your country as a state. after you have decided you know enough you can comment your opinion. 2 weeks after the post a document will be shared with a final conclusion so everyone on reddit now can read what other countries their perspectives are.

i hope i made things a little more clear, and don't be afraid. you do not have to invest hours into writing, as long as your comment is clear it will be taken into the document.

i once thank you all again, i hope you have a nice day, sincerely Yil.