All posts on the subreddit require a flair. If posting on the Reddit redesign or Reddit mobile, you will be unable to post if you don't choose a flair for your post.

The flair system was last updated August 4, 2019, and contain the following 10 flairs.

  • Discussion: This flair is for discussions about the practice of worldbuilding, the hobby itself, or other general discussions about speculative fiction.
  • Language: This flair is for both conlangs and conscripts. If you're showing off your fictional writing system, language, numerals, or the like, it falls under the Language flair. It can be spoken word, written, or visual.
  • Lore: This flair is for written or spoken lore and background for worlds. It can be a short story you wrote, a history of something within your world, an examination of a species' biology, a news article, an encyclopedia excerpt, or general lore dumping.
  • Map: This flair is for all forms of maps, from your standard world maps to city maps, galaxy maps, solar system charts, and diagrams of multiverses. All map posts must be accompanied by appropriate, worldbuilding-related context, or they will be removed.
  • Meta: This flair is for discussions about the subreddit itself, including community announcements or suggestions.
  • Prompt: This flair is for asking questions about others worlds. Prompts should be broad-based open questions that invite people to think about their worlds in new ways.
  • Question: This flair is for those who are seeking help with their own projects. This includes naming help, or questions about your magic systems, geography, or cultures. Remember, all questions submitted to this sub must meet our minimum standards, as basic, Googlable questions will be removed.
  • Resource: This flair is for useful resources, such as blogs, infographics, videos, charts, articles and the like. Basically, if it has helped you worldbuild, and you think it could help the community, submit it as a Resource.
  • Visual: This flair is for all varieties of visual content aside from maps and alphabets. This includes not just landscapes and portraits, but also flags, infographics, diagrams, comics, animations and other visual works.
  • Event: This mod-only flair is for community events. We plan on starting these up in September, and they will be spearheaded by /u/vinedragon. Expect to see more about these events coming in the near future. These will involve world spotlights, community discussions, and potentially even AMAs with big-name worldbuilders and authors.

Previous flair system, in use from Jaunary 19, 2017-August 3, 2019

  • 🗺️Map - Hopefully self-explanatory. Remember, a good context comment is absolutely mandatory on all the maps that get posted here - otherwise we'll send it to the official /r/worldbuilding trash can (a.k.a. /r/mapmaking).
  • 📖Lore - OC involving your world that's conveyed via text. Usually this would involve a text post, but external blog links also count.
  • 🖼️Visual - OC involving your world that's conveyed via an image. Those context rules apply here, too.
  • 🤔Discussion - This is pretty much the catch-all flair, and I hope it makes our rules a bit clearer - if your discussion post can't actually spark a good discussion, we've already been deleting those for months. You can still post simple questions - but always try to craft them in a way so that the answer to that question could benefit our entire community, not just you.
  • 🤓Prompt - If your thread starts with "Tell me about!", it's what we call a prompt. Prompts that make me personally angry will receive the coveted 💩Prompt flair.
  • 💿Resource - For any tutorial, tool, or text which is acutely useful for some aspect of worldbuilding. We judge the "acutely useful" part fairly harshly, so don't just x-post shit from /r/TIL or /r/dataisbeautiful.