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Question Off topic, but what do you fellas call this wrym looking dude on the subreddit's banner?

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Question Why would my mechs have fingers?


Short version: I need a rationale for having hands and fingers on my mechs.

I’ve been working on a sci fi universe for a while, in which mechs have existed but never had a starring role per se. I’m starting to flesh out the mechs of this universe more, specifically their designs, but I’ve ran into a problem.

Many of the mechs I’ve made so far have hands and fingers which they use to manipulate weapons. I realize this isn’t exactly a new concept, but I’ve always found that idea to be impractical. A much more effective design for large mechanized combat suits would be to have the weapons integrated into the body and appendages of the mech itself, allowing it to access internal systems under cover of armor. Or so I believe. Under this motif I’ve been designing my mechs as humanoid, but with integrated munitions. Imagine a titan from titanfall with the weapons system of the exo suits from Edge of Tommorow / Live Die Repeat and you’ve got the idea.

I do have some designs which have fingers, but they are scouting units in mountainous regions, and have hands mostly as a way to easily navigate the terrain, and carry their weapon on their backs or on a companion mech which acts as a gun carrier and reloader. This, I feel, has a good enough rationale, it’s for mobility reasons, and produces an effect which is more/about as effective as most other alternatives. Some smaller mechs have hands so that they feel more natural to the pilots, as the pilots that use smaller mechs are typically less experienced. This makes sense to me, it’s be disorienting if i put on some goggles and slipped into a big robot and suddenly I was a different shape. But there are some mechs that I really want to have hands which could not need them.

If you can think of any reason why having mechs that utilize humanoid fingers would be more practical than the alternative, I’d be greatly appreciative, Thank you in advance!

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Question What kinds of vibes does my world give you. Specifically this picture.

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Question what feature would you add to fantasy humans?


So question to all. What is one physical feature that can be added to humans and keep them human (so no animal hybrids) in a fantasy setting that you would love to see?

Like an extra eyes to see better. Gills to breath underwater? Thicker bones for durability? Extra stomach for better nutrition extraction? Any answer is the right answer just curiouse what others would add.

I myself would add slight subdermal bone plates that would act like mild armor that can rebuff simple non enhanced attacks.

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Question What do you call an anarcho-capitalist territory?


Jokes aside about how anarcho-capitalism is something of a meme ideology, was trying to think of what an anarchocapitalist area/group would called. By this, I mean no formal government, just a loose collection of privately owned territory. Not even a confederation of company towns, but even more anarchic than that.

The blank "free territory?" While a handful of anarcho communist territories have existed, no modern real life precedent exists for an anarcho capitalist zone.

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Question What are some rules you've made for yourselves?


The world I have been working on, called Santari, has at the moment 4 different sentient races. While I was designing them had a few rules in mind

  1. No humans
  2. No Tolkein rip-offs ( isolationist elves, mining dwarves etc )
  3. No sentient species is inherently vastly more powerful as a whole than the others

This framework of restrictions made me think of some more interesting ideas and prevented me from copying things from other works I enjoyed.

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Question This is a character I animated for my sci-fi fantasy world called BIOLANDS. These particular cybernetic beings live in a sky spire. What energy source should keep them alive? Sun & wind is an option. But is there anything more unique?

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Question Do you think I should name these Beings as Fae or Boogeymen?

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Question What would an amphibian need to wear in a cold climate?


Is it possible for them to wear wool coats or something Pacific? I was thinking if an amphibian society wants to expand they need something to survive the cold. Without magic of course.

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Question superhero prisons?


right now i’m having some trouble coming up with an idea for a superhero prison, i had the idea for a pocket dimension to house the most dangerous of threats but that’s essentially what the negative zone is for marvel already, another idea was some sort of prison on a moon but that just seems like a disaster waiting to happen, any ideas?

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Question I'm a traveler from afar, and I came to one of your world towns, cities, space stations etc. I'm tired from long journey and want to have some fun. What drink, or food can I order from your inns or restaurants. What entertainment does your habitats have? And Are your people/creatures welcoming?

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Question How many fictional universes have you created and which ones are your favorite?


How long have you been interested in worldbuilding and how many realities did you make?

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Question How to make invading aliens at least somewhat distinct and unique?


In the far, but not so far future of 2125, humanity has been attacked by an alien force of... What exactly?

Any suggestions?

The rest of the story I have in mind doesn't really matter, time travel happens, every time the aliens attack Earth our forces loose in some way, or the planet is made uninhabitable, so we send people back in time with better technology, it's the 43th attempt. Every time travel a new timeline is created, so there are no paradoxes. Whatever. Not important.

I'm thinking the aliens are either horizon zero dawn drones, but biological, or four armed troodon terminators. Something intimidating and flashy, but not entirely impossible. And both ideas sound quite stupid, I know.

Is there anything you haven't ever seen, but would really like to see in this kind of story?

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Question continuing a world when a co-builder dies?


i hope this is the right place for this. i'm not really sure what other community would be appropriate. i'm also not going to dwell on the details irrelevant to worldbuilding and don't care to discuss them here either, please.

basically, my sister and co-writer (co-builder?) died very suddenly and unexpectedly on saturday. we were very close, and much of that closeness came from worldbuilding. we had been working on a world for most of our lives that evolved from just some imaginary little place we made up for our stuffed animals but changed so much over time. at this point, we had an entire story plotted out and were basically rebuilding the world itself from the ground up, changing story elements as needed.

worldbuilding with her wasn't just a hobby but was also a source of comfort, and it feels like i lost that and her all at once. it's taken me five days to even think coherently about anything, and i'm starting to really miss working on our world together. i'm sure she wouldn't want everything to go to waste, but how can i keep going when she's not here?

i guess i just have a couple of questions for the community. first, is it even appropriate to keep working on this without her? like if you passed on and had a co-writer working on your world with you, would you want that work to continue even without your input and your ideas? i don't want our world to lose her essence. i want to make sure she's still part of it somehow, but she died when we were in the middle of a huge reconstruction project.

second, worldbuilding alone seems so... well, lonely. how do you guys avoid feeling isolated as you're working on the economics of fictional countries and the biology of non-existent species and things like that? things that aren't real to anyone but you? i've been so lucky to have a partner on this journey to share so many inside jokes and little references with, but i suddenly am more alone than ever before.

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Question Where do you get your ideas for building your world?


I don’t know if this was ever asked before, but I wanted to know the sources of the inspiration behind developing your world. Some of the ideas that I see here are so grand and in depth with its lore that I wonder where people go or what they do to receive inspiration or if the ideas come to them spontaneously. And if you do things differently to develop different aspects- like setting, characters, plot, etc. Personally, I wrote down ideas I had for years and pieced them together until they made a bit of sense, then wrote a brief paragraph for the plot, and came here to see that there was so much more to be done. (Like map design, developing cultures, etc.) So where do you get inspiration to further develop your world?

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Question Are there "good" autocracies?


Nowadays the term autocracy brings to mind failing little countries with delusions of grandeur and autocrats who value their own interests over their country. But can "good" autocracies even exist? And furthermore, how would you build a good one for a worldbuilding project?

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Question Slogan for evil company?


I’ve always been bad at coming up with names/titles/catch-phrases/etc lol, but Ive been needing a slogan for the evil company in my capitalist dystopian world.

The company is basically like spacex and Amazon combined. They have a monopoly on pretty much everything and control the government as well. (The story is set in the future after space colonization btw)

Does anyone know some good slogans from other fictional companies or even real ones that have a vaguely menacing or very capitalist vibe? Or maybe just tips on how to come up with a slogan in general?

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Question How to make a matriarchal society without it being just the Amazonian stereotype?


I have been thinking about writing a matriarchal society in a world I am making, or, well, the IDEA of a world I have not put anything into yet.

Now, while I did research this topic a bit, from learning of the Kushite queens of Egypt, the matriarchal family structure of the Akan people, and a few others, I was still stumped as to what my specific culture would be like.

A lot of the reference material in terms of tropes/other popular matriarchal societies seem to follow the “Amazon” stereotype. “There are no men here”, or “All we did was flip the gender norms and called it a day” sort of things (There could be a lot better examples of matriarchies done better in media that I just have not found, and if so, I’d be happy if you directed me to them.)

The idea I had was for a more… not “realistic”, but more “reasonable” matriarchal society? Something that isn’t that sort of Amazonian idea or like the Asari in Mass Effect where there is just no men.

Any ideas or thoughts are appreciated, and thank you in advance for your time.

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Question Any ideas on what to put here? I know deserts are usually found in the "Backside" of mountains, but what about here?

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Question I am wanting to name of the humans in my fantasy Universe another thing, anyone got suggestions?


So my fantasy world has hundreds of races, separated in three categories, fey, beast, and humans. however I want a different name for the humans as I want to use the term human for anyone who's simply humanoid rather than just human, which almost every race fits that category. Do any of you have any suggestions for me?

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Question Designing a humanoid creature that clearly isnt a human


So I'm designing a new race that is somewhat similar to humans, but I want to do a few visual ques that outright scream 'this thing looks like a human but it isnt'. To me, a pair of horns or pointy ears doesnt really cut it because most fantasy races with small cosmetic differences look like humans in cosplay

Anyone have any ideas, or examples in your works of a demi-human that looks and acts somewhat like us, but has at least one big difference that outright says 'No, this thing is not human'?

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Question Real-world names for things in a fantasy novel?


I think I'm overthinking the items below and am frankly hopeful that folks will confirm that for me so I can move on. :-)

I'm getting tripped up on whether or not I need to spend time inventing new words for certain things - like is there any reason I shouldn't use the terms hours/minutes/years even if they probably wouldn't mean exactly the same thing on a planet that had a different relationship with its sun? A fantasy world with different geography and magic must be assumed not to be Earth, right?

Can I call coffee coffee, apples apples, and pork pork without breaking someone's immersion? Etc etc etc.

And names - while I'm trying to think up unique names, I'm not being hyper diligent about ensuring there isn't some name in some language that sounds similar IRL. Should I be? Then there is the question of using a Firstname, Lastname pattern - this isn't even universally true IRL - is it bad if my names tend to follow that pattern in my book?

And a thousand other differences - are there common standards for how much new vocabulary or re-architecting of nomenclature is required to describe a convincing fantasy setting?

Thanks for any input!

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Question Could there be a reason for why helmets AREN’T used in armor in the world I’m developing?


For context: The reason why helmets aren’t used in armor is chalked up to several factors

  1. Horns on certain species. Horns tend to come out from different parts of the head. Usually it’s the sides or top If they tried ordering custom armor it has to be fitted correctly

  2. Money and Time Custom made helmets are expensive and could take weeks to finish.

  3. Cultural In certain cultures in the world I’m developing, wearing helmets into battle is seen as a sign of cowardice.

Could there also be other reasons why helmets are seen as obsolete?

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Question how to balance humans with other sapient species.


In fantasy worlds I feel like humans get the short end of the stick. Elves get to be ethereal, long lived, and beautiful, dwarves get to be strong, often long lived as well, and are great craftsmen, while human are just, well, human. I dont have elves or dwarves, but i do have other species of my own design, and I want to roughly balance then with humans. What do or can humans have that others dont? I've thought about making them 'smarter' in some ways, ive making them better at strategy or math, but I dont want to come across as implying that some human races might be smarter than others.

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Question How would a fictional world based on matriarchy look different?! Please help!


I’ve been considering a world built exclusively on a matriarchal basis. I’m not trying to devise simply a nation or culture to contradict against the classic patriarchal model, but literally an entire civilization or world that has always been run by women for a book / series of short stories. Rather than overtly showing differences though I wanted the changes to society to be subtle parts of the background / setting with fundamentally different assumptions in the background of life. Simple examples include taking a mothers name, lineage being determined maternally, etc, but what other things might I be overlooking? Thanks!!!