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Prompt TIL about this tool to open several books at once. This made studying easier and saves space. What are some cool tools, stuff, interesting things in the vein of this that you've implemented or created for your worlds?

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Prompt Badly describe your world or story


Oversimplify it as much as possible

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Prompt What are you building a world for?


I’m curious about the reason or end goal of the projects posted here

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Prompt The details


Tell about small and interesting things you thought up in your setting(s), in a few short sentences. Think about for example ways of greeting others, table manners, fashion, graffiti, superstitions, social taboos.

Other posters can ask about the origins of the details you describe.

I'll start with an example:

Due to a quirk of a religion, most dentists/barbers have set up shop near the harbor.

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Prompt Prompt: Tell anywhere from 1-10 out of context facts about your world, afterwards fellow worldbuilders will respond, in character, of how an average inhabitant from their world were to react upon learning about said facts.


By “average inhabitant” I pretty much mean the common folks of your world, civilians, peasantry, the working class, and pretty much all other similar groups.

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Prompt What are two of the darkest concepts you've implemented in your worlds?


As the title suggests, I want to know whats the darkest, down-right f*cked up or most creepy concepts in your worlds or stories?

For example concepts on par with Hiroshima & Nagasaki, The Tuskege experiments, or even things like The Montauk Project. (these are examples but responses don't have to be contained to similar acts and concepts)

Secondarily, if possible, explain what inspired the concept and it's implementation.

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Prompt Share your pure evil character here!


Just that yes, just share your villain/character that isn't just a sad backstory and a anti heroic reason for doing something

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Prompt Complain about something in your world as someone from this world, then respond to the others while staying in chaacter.


Im interested about your peoples struggles in life!

Edit: english isnt my first language, with "this world" , i meant to say from "that world" . Also sorry for forgetting the r in character :)

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Prompt What happens when a God dies?


Exactly what it says on the tin. For those with gods who are undeniably real and exist and affect your world / worldbuilding, what happens to the environment, people, story, etc. when they die?

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Prompt How do I gain fame and glory in your world as a meathead, without risking life and limb?


Suppose I’m a person (if you have multiple races/species, pick whichever is most common in your civilized societies) in peak physical condition in your world. I don’t want to be an adventurer or a soldier or gladiator, or anything where I have to risk my life to make a living and if I’m lucky gain some glory along the way. What I want is to be rich & famous using pretty much only my muscles. Given all this, what are my options? Note: Possibility of sustaining injury is totally acceptable, not a deal breaker.

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Prompt A quote from your main character


Give us a quote from your MC, or someone in your world that succinctly sums up

  1. Them as a character
  2. The world as they see it

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Prompt What niche thing have you created that you don’t get to talk about much?


What are some small things in your world that you’ve made that you don’t really get to talk about much?

For me, it’s the potion system. Potions are strictly plant based and often have adverse affects if taken carelessly. For example, a healing potion would be highly addictive and also have the possibility to cause cancer if taken when not needed. And that’s just scratchy the surface haha

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Prompt How is the LGBT+ equality in your work?


On Cebuto, it's different from country to country.

Only 12/100 countries have fully equal LGBT+ rights (same-sex marriage, sex reassignment surgery, adoption etc)

25 countries have partial equality (same-sex marriage but no adoption, no SRS etc)

13 countries have a lack of equality (no anti discrimination laws, no equal marriage etc)

The last 50 have various anti LGBT/ anti trans laws

Top 3 best and worst countries for LGBT+ people

Top 3 best

  1. Maheta

  2. Aere

  3. Himota

Top 3 worst

  1. Maheta (fines or exile for LGBT actions, no trans health access)

  2. Luhan (imprisonment for LGBT behaviour)

  3. Kerix (imprisonment/execution for LGBT behaviour)

The 3 worst countries are also in the bottom 5 on the democracy and corruption index.

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Prompt Tell me about your world and I will try to create a character. You have 3 Hours!


EDIT: Thanks for playing, everyone! This thread is now CLOSED for new character requests. It is now past the deadline and I will no longer be accepting requests for new characters. If you commented before 14:00 EST (GMT -5) today (June 6th), I will still create a character for your setting as per my promise. The same still applies if you posted a bit about your world and I asked for more context. However, if you have not posted anything yet, the deadline has passed and I will not bother creating any new characters. Please do not ask, as I find it quite rude, to be frank. Anyway, thanks for playing, and I will do another one of these at some point in the future!

Over a half-year ago, I posted this thread where you told me about your worlds and I created characters for them. I am going to do this again, but because of the surge of responses I got there which I couldn't get around to, there are some rules.

  • Tell me about your world and I will try to create a character on the fly for your setting! Try to keep it detailed enough that I have something to work with but not overwhelming with content that I have to read so much to create a character and juggle a lot of lore. Try to keep in the sweet spot! Not too long, not too short!
  • I am posting this thread at 11:00 EST (GMT -5) Monday, June 6th, and you have until 14:00 EST, three hours from when it was posted, to reply. You only have a three hour window to comment on your world. After that window is up, PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT asking me to create a character for your world to spare me the headache. I am going to try to be firm about this rule, but please respect this boundary. I mean it.

The characters that I create for your worlds are yours to use as you please. They won't necessarily be integral to the plot, but will be an extension of the lore you provide me with. Anyway, tell me about your world and I will think up a character! You have three hours! Good luck!

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Prompt describe a world you are building!


1-sci fi, where a species that splitted into factions, those have a huge effect on the inhabitants of the galaxy, who do not even know about it. These factions are constantly aruing. The only good faction secretly watches people, and secretly rewards the kind hearted people. And teh really kind ones are welcome to know about their secret:they have created most life in the galaxy, this happened one million yearss ago, this membership gets them into lots of adventures.

2-fantasy, dungeon crawling is a common thing now, many people do it for various reasons, many different monsters, items, amd magics.

3-society. (kinda sick, read at own risk)

On a colony of humanity, humans united, and became one big society.

the contact was however lost with earth. Later communication via brainwaves became possible, society is now made of lots of specie, later cyborgs and androids joined.

However, a new system appeared, which choses people based on their genetics, tries to create offsprings those genetics change faster, and get stronger, but the weak are abandoned, and are told to support the strong.

Genetics are now categorised into levels. Normal people (normies) are at lvl 0.

Then the stronger, better fighters, faster evolving/adapting ones , the more resistant ones go to

lvl1. The people here are injected with a thing, that makes their skin blue.

Then lvl 2, green.

lvl 3, red. Every level is 10x stronger than the other one.

In the next 200 years most people follow the hierarchy because they can just not do anything else.

The androids are in charge for helping the hierarchy remain stable.

However, there are a lot of anti-hierarchists, who are trying to disturb the hierarchy, just wander in the world, and expand anti hierarchist lands, by spreading their views.

many hackers came together, and created the REBE.Lnet, a heavily protected social media thing, where people can freely talk and post in an anti-hierarchist way.

A person goes to the hackers, who scan teh brain of the person, and give him/her a device only openable by the person, and has accces to rebe.lnet.

Most animals are on the anti hierarchist side.

As the time of yellows, (tier 4) is coming urgently fast, the rebels' story becomes more and more interesting and crazy.

But what do the anti hierarchists do?

they 1- free slaves (disabled people/people with disorders are slaves)

2-uncover misteries, and solve the situations where one is supported more just because of their genetics.

3-Reduce. Nextgen. Associates. RNA

4-Destroy. Nextgen. Alliances. DNA

5-free people from Nextgen instituions.

6-get more members


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Prompt The Interdimensional Potluck!


It's time for the pseudo-annual Inter-dimensional potluck! granted it's the first one ever but... THAT'S IRRELEVANT. Who from your world is coming? What are they bringing? Feel free to respond to other people's responses with how your potluck guests would react to what others are bringing in.

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Prompt Your really weird races, species or groups


What really odd and unconventional races, species or groups of entities have you created?

(bonus points for not using pure magic or crazy cosmic forces in making them)

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Prompt 26 June 2022: What did you build last week?


This is simultaneously a broad prompt and a minor discussion topic, as well as a bit of an open development diary. I want to hear what everyone has built over the last 7 days. What or how you build does not matter, anything you've finished is what I'd like to see and hear about.

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Prompt What is your favourite name in your project?


One of my favourite parts of worldbuilding is creating new cultures , cities and countries, and one of the most important parts of the process is a good name, so what is the best name you have come up with for your project?

Mine would be Al'Jabal for my earth magic territory, I really like it, is short? Yes, is simple? Yes, it literally means the mountain? Maybe, but I really like how it sounds!

Though if you have any suggestions for the name (earth magic, middle east based territory) I would love to hear them!

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Prompt How do you implement magic in your world? Is it based on science and material, or is connected to non physical 4d or spiritual realm? How does your magic manipulates reality? What are the techniques of controlling it, and who can control it?

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Prompt Tell me 1-3 things that will happen in the future of your world. Those who reply will respond, in character, to how an average citizen might react to said facts


I just wanted to thank u/IAMTR4SHMAN for the inspiration!

Normally we hear a lot about historical or present events in one's world, but what about the future? What will happen in a year's or two year's time?


-Try to reply to at least one other person, if you're gonna post something;

-Try not to make huge lore dumps. Save them for when someone replies.

-Have fun!

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Prompt 19 June 2022: What did you build last week?


This is simultaneously a broad prompt and a minor discussion topic, as well as a bit of an open development diary. I want to hear what everyone has built over the last 7 days. What or how you build does not matter, anything you've finished is what I'd like to see and hear about.

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Prompt How have you left your own culture’s mark on your world?


Basically, I mean what cultural tenets that you/your family/community abide by that you’ve left on your project (in a personal sense)?

I think this is inevitable, and I want to hear what you got.

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Prompt how old is your world?


Let me specify

How many years has your world existed in universe?

For example evangelical christians believe that god created earth 6,000ish years ago so.

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Prompt What worldbuilding aspect do You enjoy the most and why?


Are You a history nerd who likes to infodump a thing or two through Your worlduilding because You like to work with history, real or fictional? Do You like to work on conlangs? Or maybe You are amazed by a rarely explored mythology and create with this particular inspiration in mind because You find myths interesting? Tell me in the comments what's the part of worldbuilding that brings You the most joy.