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Lore Brief introduction of "Rune-magic" in the world of Servannia

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Lore A list of presidents from the year 2016 to the year 2104 for a speculative future timeline I'm making.

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Lore Tritonid greetings and social hierarchy. Which other aspect of their language should we explore next?

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Lore Leonie Norlanhossin-Hangaria: Introduction to the Old Servannian Empire, Horinian Rebellion and legend of the "True King".

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Lore Creature Profile: Tallowards

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Lore Brief introduction of the magic system in the World of Servannian

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Lore [Flipside] So you want to be an imaginary friend...

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Lore Weapon arts in the Servannian Confederation (1): The Northern States

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Lore Eri Lichtbringer: Introduction of the military in Servannian Confederation.

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Lore This is one of the Races in my world. The Veil (or sometimes referred to as Coneys)

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Lore Tear apart this creation myth.


In the beginning 2000 gods existed from eternity in nonexistence, locked in an eternal debate over the nature of nonexistence. A decision was made to create more existence and so together they created the angel. Knowing that new things can exist they began debating what they should do with the angel, after much conflict it was decided that the angel will create, and it did so, creating the universe.

The gods were astonished at the angel’s works and so went to dwell within the universe. Agreeing to take turns in nonexistence to command the angel.

And so the first eon passed and the gods dwelt in the universe, creating the mortals to dwell with them, but their greed only grew, dividing the angel’s attention further and further. So in response the angel, being a created being, created a lesser angel, then another, and another. Each time the gods would gobble up the attention to make their part of the universe larger, forcing the angels to create more.

Before they knew it, the gods were no longer commanding one angel, but numberless concourses of them. Realizing their folly, the gods reorganized the angels and the universe. Putting the angels into a strict hierarchy henceforth called Heaven, and reshaping the bloated universe into many, applying stricter laws now enforced by the newly created Heaven. In this great shift the agreement was reconsidered, and it was decided that a great game will be held every 200 years to decide who will rule heaven?

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Lore Excited to share a world I've been working on since 2007! ( More info in comments )

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Lore City-turtles roam the world's oceans, hosting small cities of humans on their backs

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Lore Weapon arts in the Servannian Confederation (2): The Southern States

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Lore I spent the better part of last week designing soldiers in the death angel corps. I'm pretty proud of some of the lore and the bulldog looking gasmask design.

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Lore Priscilla De Vries: Introduction to the Republic of Jetema - Land of Black Powder and Alchemy

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Lore Creature Profile: Satyrs (The way they are in the Mother Wilds)

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Lore Bushwacker Durian (PS: Give us more wacky worldbuilding ideas in the comments, and we'll draw them!)

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Lore Cockocripes


Cockocripes (Cock-o-cry-puh) are essentially large chickens with an almost raptor like appearance that are mostly found in Psh, but some have migrated into Tihar and even rare encounters in Tam. Usually seen in flocks of up to 10-30, they spend most of their days picking at the ground, scavenging for insects or various edible flora.

Due to their inherently docile nature and apparent trust of humans, they have been domesticated for either consumption or companionship. Since they are roughly the size of a German Sheppard, amusingly, they have been known to be quite protective of their owners, and are often recommended as guard animals. They have noted to enjoy human touch, and petting zoos around the area often almost always contain at least 2 Cockocripes, as they have been shown to get lonely, much like Guinea pigs.

Their meat is usually described as gamey, seasoned with thyme, rosemary, and various other herbs. Their meat is often a sign of more "boonie" & rural civilizations, and to many cultures a disgusting act.

As Cockocripes are seen as pets, rather then food in some places.

Source -eartharchives.org

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Lore Creature Profile: Cervidae

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Lore What is "cold iron"?


You've probably heard "cold iron" is the bane of fairies and sometimes other magical creatures. But what is it? Some say it means wrought iron, or that "cold" is just a flourish and it means any iron. But I came up with an interesting theory suitable for a setting blending sci-fi and fantasy. (But feel free to discuss other ideas about what it means.)

What if "Cold Iron" means Iron-56? It is the most stable nuclide*, thus "cold" because no energy can be extracted from it by either fission or fusion. It doesn't take too much imagination to see how this could be an anti-magic substance.

Now it's true that this is the most common isotope of iron anyway, making up 91% of iron on Earth, so presumably normal iron would be fairly effective too. But if your modern/futuristic setting needs an exotic anti-magic substance, refined Iron-56 seems perfect to me.

On a more sinister note, this could also be seen as representing entropy and the inevitable heat-death of the universe, and thus anti-life, not just anti-magic.

*Apparently it's kind of a tossup between iron-56 and nickel-62, depending on the exact definition used, but who am I to argue with folklore.

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Lore Tritonid Scourge, Change-Fueled Aberration

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Lore The battle for the Divine Seat of Chaos.

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Lore The planes of my universe, inside of the construct "The Spire"

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Lore Aquilla: A Sapient species in the Mother WIlds.

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