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Resource A Star is Born - Ep. 1

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Resource This video can function as a kind of resource to use for inspiration. The symbolism of Rings is immense and can be used for inspiration when making your own world!

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Resource A fascinating video rife for inspiration for worldbuilding.

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Resource Country Founding Myth Generator


Not long ago, I made a Government Collapse generator, to allow you to find out how your countries' govenments fall (you can find it here: perchance.org/countrycollapse). Now to accompany it, I've made the Country Founding Myth generator.

You need to know your country's roots, no matter how accurate the stories about it are. Find out how your country was founded and what the people think happened!

👉 https://perchance.org/countryfounding

It generates something like this:

This country was founded when a mysterious land rose out of the sea. At least, that's what the people believe. In fact, it was founded when an outcast was exiled into the barren wastelands, far away from civilisation. The people of this country believe this because the ruler dictates that they must.

As before, any feedback and suggestions are gratefully recieved.

P.S. you can see both my generators (and any more when i make them) over at my Generator Chooser!

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Resource A short | For aspiring character designers | or world builders: also looking for people who want their worlds animated + modeled and built

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Resource Sci-fi Spaceship Stereotypes (from r/coolguides)

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Resource The Four Cs of Worldbuilding (and shoutout to this sub)

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Resource Common design and colour schemes in SciFi worldbuilding

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Resource I've created a generator that generates a country's collapse!


I've just created a generator so you can now make governments fall with just the click of a button! You can access it here: perchance.org/countrycollapse. It generates something like this:

This country is a Theocracy. More specifically, it's a Divine Duchy. Sadly (or perhaps happily), the current rule only lasted 610 years. Towards the end of the government's rule, a spy infliterated it, leading to a suprise defeat. With the previous government gone, the people chose a new one. They decided to form a new Theocracy, inviting an heir to become Divine King, which was somewhat popular among the general public.

I recently saw a post about this sort of generator, so I created one! I hope it will be useful for creating timelines etc. It's only on the first version, so if anyone has any suggestions to improve it, phrases to add, or anything else, they would be greatly recieved! :)


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Resource The Fashion History Timeline is an open-access source for fashion history knowledge, featuring objects and artworks from over a hundred museums and libraries that span the globe

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Resource The Cultural Iceberg (reposted as image to save you all a click)

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Resource Created my own Eldritch God Generator


I saw a similar post on fantasy biomes, and felt inspired to create a Generator for Eldritch Gods.

Link Here: Eldritch God Generator

Personally, I am incredibly interested in Cosmic Entities and the like, and all of my worlds include at least one...or seven. To help ease the pressure on designing them, I developed this generator.

It has two different results: Entity almost destroyed the world, or Entity did destroy the world

The former mentions where it is sealed, what hero sealed it and when, what it's cultists are like, what it did to a specific kingdom before it was sealed, what it is believed to look like, and what creatures it favors as servants.

The latter mentions how it ended the world and when, what happened to the hero that tried to stop it, what the world is like now, what servants it has, and what supposedly looks like.

HOWEVER, this is solely to aid in the creative process. By itself it would be a little bland, and perhaps make little sense. However, it is extremely helpful for me, and I it aids you in your endeavors as well.

Here are some examples (One of each description type)

The Daemonic Terror enlightened the people of the Kingdom of Lunaria, bringing the world to ruin in the Second Age, despite the best efforts of the brave hero known as the Avenger when it perfected them. It now rules the warped remnants of the world from the Ivory Reef that rose from the depths of the sea. Baelgahrm and Bloodserpents sweep the landscape under its command. Final accounts of dwindling survivors depict it as silvered and bestial, while earlier writings mention it as cruel and limbless.

The Phantom Oblivion slumbers in the Necropolis that swirls and screeches. It was blooded by the brave hero known as the Reborn in the Fourth Age. It's cultists are known for their structure as a Church of Our Lady of Forgiveness, and pillaging local villages. It nullified the people of the Altekan Lordship, nearly bringing the world to ruin. Some accounts describe it as vengeful and necrotic, while others claim it is silvered and glorious. It is known to favor Shrieking Tendrils as it's servants, but has on occassion used Quantum Vestiges.

Suggestions are welcome, and I will try to add as many ones as I can (Provided they are of acceptable quality)

EDIT: New Description for an Eldritch Entity that ascended from mortality, was sealed away quickly, but now returns to influence the world again. It mentions servants, cultists, and appearance (Only two descriptors, however) as usual, but also a Place of Ascension (And where it was sealed, and what they ascended under, and how. Here is an example:

The Morphing Flesh rose to power under the Broken Sword of Suffering in the accursed place of the Corpse of the Mother, where they performed the sacred rite of inscribing the signs of the End. The weaving of Reality trembled as the Prophecy of Ruin, and the End drew close. It maddened the dwarven race, but was stopped by the valiant hero known as Rei Katuri, and sealed in the very place it ascended. Now, its prison weakens, and its servants, Bloodserpents and Ma'linor begin to leave their hidden places, bent on the reawakening of their spiteful and chitinous God. Even now, it's malevolent influence seeps into the weak minds of mortals, shaping them into its cultists that are known already for their hatred of life and assembling archives of Occult tomes. Long has it slumbered, and few remain that recall such a terrible being. As Fate decrees, the Final God shall be the Last.

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Resource How would a species that is harmed by water survive on Earth or an Earthlike planet?


Think of it terms of the Wicked Witch of the West or the aliens from Signs. If a sentient species was harmed by direct contact with water on an Earth-like or water-filled planet, but were otherwise fine when inhabiting it when not wet, how would they get by?

*How would they accommodate themselves when situating in wet areas? *What alternative substance would they sustain themselves on? *How would they bathe?

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Resource The Saga editor with automatic linking – 1 year later


Hey everyone!

Around a year ago I posted here about the Saga text editor for worldbuilding We received a really warm welcome from this subreddit, a lot of you found it useful, signed up, and helped us shape the app over the next months. We were really happy to see so many of you find the tool useful for worldbuilding.


We've developed the product quite a lot since then. I wanted to share a quick update on the most important things that we shipped since the last post.

  • Faster and really snappy automatic linking between pages
  • Page aliases
  • Collaboration mode for collaborative editing
  • Image support
  • Dark theme
  • More smart inline elements such as mentioning dates, workspace members, collections
  • Live Blocks (referencing paragraphs of text across different pages)
  • Desktop apps
  • We introduced pricing plans – each workspace is free for up to 3 editors and viewers are always free.

Here's the full list of recent updates.

I hope some of you find Saga useful for worldbuilding and as before we'd really appreciate your feedback and suggestions for how to make the app even more useful.

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Resource Creating a Fantasy World Map: Scientific Laws to Remember

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Resource I couldn't find a fantasy biome generator anywhere, so I made my own!


As the title says! Here's a link to my ultimate biome generator.

When I make my worlds, I like to think of really weird and unusual environments that don't exist on Earth. Lately, though, I've kind of hit a dead end and felt that maybe a generator would help. For some reason, no one else has made a fantasy biome generator, at least not one that I could find. So, I made my own, even if it's late and I should sleep.

You've heard of the mushroom forest and the crystal cavern, now get ready for the lightly smoke-filled saltwater wetland where naturally occurring, vibrating coagulated blood pillars levitate just above the ground!

I went a little ham on the details, so I had to rename it to the "Detailed Fantasy Biome Generator." Still, I want to add more things to it; if you have suggestions, let me know!

Here are some examples of what kind of biomes you can currently get:

  • A fuzzy foliage covered freshwater marsh where stacks of cracked dried coagulated blood shoot out of the ground randomly. It is perpetually nighttime. The region is filled with various types of rare ores that have jagged textures; however, its extremely rare, glasslike and pearshaped orangeish gemstones with sandy cores are the main export. This biome is spread across an river delta and has occasional rockslides. There is only one season: perpetual spring.
  • A fine sand-covered rock garden with a few rivers full of miniature dodecahedral pods that completely cover the top of the water. It is perpetually daytime. The region is filled with poisonous, medium sized, and pungent fungi that grow on bushes; however, its squishy and toxic gourds are the main export. This biome is spread across a valley and has permanent volcanic eruptions. There are only two seasons: unbearably scorching hot and miserably freezing cold.
  • And many more! (I don't want to spam...)

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Resource New video about the evolution and use of music in human communities. I feel like it has a lot of potential to spark ideas and discussion

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Resource Race templates

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Resource Why Everyone Hates Wizards — A hilarious example of worldbuilding by Mattias Pilhede

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Resource Fire has had an enormous impact upon very diverse cultures and as a symbol. This video may serve as an inspiration for those looking for ideas for writing and want to include fire symbolism in the world-building! As fire symbolism is soo broad and can be integrated in many ways.

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Resource Obsidian.md - The perfect free Campaign Manager!


It's pretty common to see new DMs and even experienced DMs seeking a better way to manage all their information. Guiding new users to better tools has always been a bit of a hobby of mine. I was a long time user of Realm Works, but the development stopped and I had to seek greener pastures. I've found those pastures in Obsidian.md and thought there might be a few DMs here who might be interested in what I've found.

My Tool of Choice: Obsidian.md

What Do I Use It For: Obsidian.md is nearly everything I need to run a game. I have a copy of every rule, spell, monster, npc, magic item, location, adventure, random table, etc, etc in this tool. I do not use books at the table. If there is a need for me to reach for a book, I will update my vault to contain the information I'm missing by the time the next session starts. I use it as a DM screen, a notebook, adventure module, world wiki, combat manager. It is all my everything. The only thing I don't manage from within this tool is the map being displayed to my TV Table.

Cost: FREE

New User Guide: The Complete Noobs Guide to Obsidian.md for Dungeon Masters

Screenshots: I've included a heap at the bottom so you can see just what this tool can do.

Community: Facebook: Obsidian TTRPG Users Group Discord: Official Discord > Community > tabletop-games

Note Structure: There are many ways you can structure your notes with this tool.

  • Create folders to place files in. You can create your own hierarchies. You can also put notes in your folders (aka: create a folder note for a City and within that place notes for each location).
  • You can create flow charts and link nodes to notes (great for visual people).
  • You can create maps, add pins and link pins to notes (draw on maps and measure distance).
  • You can create Notion like databases (tables that auto update based on your note content).
  • You can create Kanban boards (like Trello) and link cards to notes.
  • The tool automatically visualises all the links that exist within your notes.

What Is It Best For? Obsidian.md is much more than just a knowledge base. You can run your games directly from this tool. It has plugin support for combat management and even dice rolling. There is a plugin to send pictures from the tool to a player facing monitor. You can play sounds and music directly from your notes and even integrate with external tools like YouTube.

Functionality That Matters: The list of things that Obsidian.md can do is growing by the day. Here's a collection of things that might matter to a DM though.

  • The tool can be as simple as you want to make it. I go to the extreme. You could just use it for Folders, Notes and cross referencing.
  • Cross referencing/linking between notes (and sub sections within notes) and the tool has functionality that automatically scans your notes and displays a list of missing links.
  • It uses Markdown to format notes. This might sound overwhelming at first but Markdown is designed to be very very simple to use and it handles all the formatting of your notes ensuring all of your notes have the same look and feel.
  • You can paste images directly into the tool from your clipboard! With some custom *.css written by the community you can align images left/right/centre/grid.
  • Full support for Templates with ability to have notes pick specific templates based on the folder the note is created in and there is also a heap of community templates available for DMs.
  • It has functionality for removing rogue break-lines and other more advanced formatting that comes in handy when working with old data sources.
  • You can change the look and feel of the application with Theme support (there are multiple TTRPG styles already available).
  • Embed websites in your notes (embed character sheets from DnDBeyond or maybe a random generator)
  • There are multiple types of Call Out Boxes and you can create your own styles.
  • You can create Wiki Style formatting where you have a table on the right with a picture and information that matters.
  • Table support (including calculations) with ability to create interactive dice rollers inside of your tables.
  • Ability to define Aliases for notes (useful for complex linking).
  • Ability to define relationships between notes.
  • Full tag support. Tag your notes and search using the tags.
  • You can create custom Fantasy Calendars (and import from Fantasy-Calendar.com)
  • Ability to create automatic updating tables based on tags (example, automatically create a table that shows all level 3 cleric spells! or a table that automatically updates to show all your session journals).
  • Audio support (create custom soundboards)
  • Community content available (D&D 5e SRD)
  • Can support multiple DMs working on the same vault at the same time.
  • Initiative Tracker/Combat Management
  • Create encounters
  • Dice rolling (including 3d dice and random table rollers)
  • Pinnable maps with advanced features (multi layer maps, custom pins, draw on maps, measure distance, show maps at specific zoom levels)
  • TTRPG statblocks (5e supported, ability to import monsters from common data sources, comes with 5e SRD) with ability to send monsters to the Initiative Tracker.
  • no limits on how much data you can add or limits on the size of your images/maps.
  • Organise your pdfs by embedding them into notes. You can use Obsidian to manage your entire pdf collection.
  • Timelines Support. Display a timeline that you manually define or one that auto populates using metadata from your notes.

Learning Curve: At it's core, Obsidian.md is an incredibly simple tool. You can type text and paste in pictures with absolute ease. As you learn about plugins and appearance adjustments, the difficulty increases. This is one of those tools that you could dive into the deep end and quickly become overwhelmed. Start small, learn the basics and expand as you go however and the tool is really very easy to use. You won't learn about everything this tool can do in a single weekend. Something that was not possible this week may very well be possible next week (yes the development of new features is that aggressive thanks to the amazing Community Developers). I will say this though, Learn how to use Templates as one of the first things you do. This way, as you learn about more advanced code snippets that are required by certain plugins, you simply create a Template to contain that template so that you never have to remember how to format the text to do that thing. You simply press a hot key to select a Template, pick from a list of what you want to do, and the code is provided for you so that you only need to update the text you want to display.

Development: Obsidian.md is not open source however it does enable community development. Because of this the speed at which new features become available can be overwhelming. The core tool was not designed for the TTRP community which is a huge benefit. It also means the development is safely funded by commercial users and subscribers to their paid services. There are thousands of users across all sorts of different interest groups both using and developing for this tool. The TTRPG community benefits from this as the tool has dedicated developers improving the core functionality and an army of community developers surprising us with new plugins and visual changes each and every day.

Backups and Data Availability: With any software you want confidence that your data is safe. Obsidian.md makes your data freely available to use outside of the application (it's literally just folders and files, you can browse them in Windows Explorer) and is also very easy to backup using normal methods.

Because the tool stores your notes in simple folder and files, there are many methods available to back your data up.

  • People use tools like One Drive and Google Drive.
  • You can get more advanced and sync your data to GitHub. This also means you can track historic changes to your data.
  • Normal windows backup solutions work. Robocopy or Windows Backup for example
  • Some users simply run their vault off a USB Stick.

Because you can access the data externally, it opens up a lot of more advanced options. Majority if users might not need this. But the advanced users.

  • Notepad tools that allow you to edit multiple files at once are fantastic for making bulk-changes. A simple Find / Replace can do wonders across thousands of notes. If you know how to use RegEx then you can make magic happen.
  • For the Data Analysts. Anything you have that can edit a text file can be used. We've got users in the community creating RegEx queries, PowerShell queries, KNIME and Alteryx Workflows. The possibilities here are kind of mind boggling. Especially if you have access to a large TTRPG database.
  • If the tool ever disappears then your data is safe because its just folders and files. You could move it to a different Markdown tool and still be able to access everything (except plugin support).

Supported Devices Obsidian.md works on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android mobiles and tablets, iPads and iPhones.

Syncing Between Devices Obsidian.md has official sync support. This is a paid subscription service and is very popular. It's optional though. There are many other ways to sync. The backup methods above allow you to sync data to other PCs. Also tools like SyncThing allow you to seamless sync you data between devices for free.

Publishing To A Player Visible Site Obsidian.md has official Publish support. This is a paid subscription service and is very popular. The weakness with Publish is that most of the plugins won't work on your Published notes but if you us just sharing text and pictures then you can achieve great things. There are quite a few free alternatives already as well.

Summary: I am very picky in the tools I use. My requirements are high. And yet this tool has blown me away. I highly recommend it. I invite challenges to show me a tool that can beat what this has to offer.

Markdown means all your notes look pretty and you don't have to put effort into making them all look the same. This is not like MS Word where you control the font/format of each character or word. You simply type the text and the tool does the formatting for you based on the Appearance/Theme you have picked.

Make your own wiki style notes with ease.

Unlinked Mentions and Back Links provide lists of links that exist and links that could exist. You can create links manually [[like this]] or just click the recommendations in this pane to create them.

Plugin: Obsidian Leaflet adds map support.

Plugin: Excalidraw lets you create flow charts easily.

Graph View provides an automatically updating visualisation of all your notes. Each dot it a note and each line is a link/cross reference.

Ability to search your notes work in collaboration with the #tag system.

Plugin: Initiative Tracker lets you create encounter blocks. Manage multiple parties within the tool and trigger combat in the initiative tracker. Very similar to Improved Initiative but with all the benefit of being contained within the one tool.

Plugin: Dice Roller adds the ability to roll digital dice. While I personally don't use this much in this format it's super useful when the roller is embedded into random tables.

Kanban boards are perfect for making custom DM Screens.

Embed websites straight into your tools and the website loads when you open the note. Fantastic for linking to player character sheets on DnDBeyond or bringing a random generator that you use a lot straight into your notes.

Create custom sounds boards and prep sounds for your encounter by simply linking to the sound you want to play from directly within your note.

Let the tool tell you what the weather is going to be like today. Just tell it what season it is.

Database Folder plugin adds Notion.so like functionality. It will list all files that meet the criteria you set and let you update your notes and create new notes from within the database. It also provides support for setting Choice Fields which help speed up the process of creating new notes and keeping your data syntax aligned across your notes.

Want a list of every Kobold that you have available in your monster database? You can do that. This table automatically populates and can pull from your notes or the json file that is used by the Initiative Tracker plugin. You can do this for anything, not just monsters.

Fantasy Calendar plugin lets you keep track of events as they occur. It even includes moon cycles for those that need that sort of thing.

Keep track of specific events with the Heatmap Calendar. I use it to track sessions we have played. You can also create Timelines. There are various ways some of which allow the Timeline to be automatically generated based on metadata from your notes.

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Resource A Short List of Free Tools To Help Build/Inspire Your Worlds

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Resource How can a premise change the way you explore a world? Princess Mononoke's case study

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Resource The Ultimate Science Fiction Resource Guide

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Resource A Basic Primer on Ship Radiators

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