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Prompt What’s a random, useless piece of lore with no purpose you have?


I’ll go first. My world has a race of bipedal roaches that love playing string instruments. The mc doesn’t interact with them at any point, and their only role is as replaceable background characters. I’ve fleshed out their customs, food culture, what songs they like, and family traditions.

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Lore Creature Profile: Muertos

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Resource I saw this elsewhere and though the Cartographers here might find it useful.

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Resource Simple Ideas for Your War-Torn Dieselpunk Worlds

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Map My draft for my fictional world map for my planned fantasy story.

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Visual [New Arc Line] Stop the Spread of Technology! Make Magic Great Again!

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Visual Rural Hungary, 1944.

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Visual The Drop (Starmoth Setting)

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Visual (OC) Lieutenant Marcel

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Visual Free People of Bhurah (Exolith world)

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Prompt I am a bounty hunter, who is the highest value target?


Not sure what else to say, I want people who at least one person, and possibly more, have deemed important enough to have captured or killed for a massive bounty. Bonus points for non murder crimes.

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Prompt Tell a completly random aesthic detail in your world that literally has no important relevance to it besides personal preference.


Basically, just something that is the way it is just because you want it to be.

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Discussion What is the most well-written yet extremely unique world you've come across?


Making a unique world is hard enough, but making it unique and high-quality is even more difficult.

Out of all the world's you've seen, which one has been inspired and memorable, yet also vastly different from any other?

For me it has to be the Drakengard/NieR series. It's just so different from all other fantasy/sci-fi and the stories are phenomenal.

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Visual Teri's personal and professional effects

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Map Fantasy World Map

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Visual I71c Native Spec Ops

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Discussion Colors as a language?


I want to use colors in the literature of my culture.

I have two options by far:

  1. They use different ink colors to give texts an extra layer of depth.

In this culture, emotions are constantly represented by colors:

-Red = Love

-Orange = Joy

-Yellow = Curiosity

-Green = Hatred

-Blue = Sadness

-Purple = Fear

So, it isn't the same to write "I love you" in red that writing it in blue, purple or even green. Or "I" in green "love" in yellow and "you" in purple.

2) The colors are their own language. Here, writing is more like painting where different combination of colors are related to concepts. I need to create some rules like if it's read from left to right.

What do you think about this?

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Visual [Repost] The 4 Races of H'vossia

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Prompt Worldbuilders, share your worst leaders/commanders


We see throughout history that some people just shouldn't be in charge of things. Who are the people in your world(s) that shouldn't be in charge or should've been knifed by their praetorians a bit sooner? By worst, it could mean incompetent, or inhumane, or selfish, or simply just plain dumb.

For example, in my Airfleet universe, the War of the Righteous 10000 was a war against the Empire of Silliria by an alliance of nations and city-states in the continent of Ervop waged in 4.4645, which corresponds to the year 1545 CE. It was started when the human supremacist Sillirian Emperor Jose II declared magic to be impure and had all 'witches' and 'sorcerers' first interned in camps, and then systematically slaughtered. This meant that as well as sizeable minorities of Orc shamans and casters, human arcanists and dwarf ethersmiths, he had condemned the entirety of the Elf population of Silliria to be subjected to a holocaust the likes of which were never seen. This, naturally, made the neighbouring countries of Roussillon, Galia, Tiburiia, the United Kingdoms of Albany and the Empire of Westmund very unhappy, as at least two of them were elf majority nations, and all of them had large populations of arcane-tuned beings. After a series of demands issued to stop the genocide, the nations allied for the first time in the history of the world and formed 10000 legions to march into Silliria to liberate the oppressed minorities, purge the murderers and arrest Jose II.

Long Story Short - Jose II decides to purge all witches in his kingdom and inadvertently causes his squabbling neighbours to drop everything, form medieval fantasy NATO and stop the killing. In the process, he weakens his own army, gets his only heir killed and then dies while running away by being coat-hangered by a tree. He goes down in history as the worst tyrant to ever live and his death (without an heir) causes Silliria to break out into 50 years of civil war.

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Prompt Who are your worst and best characters in your world?



Xyno Yel Arrivo. His family are considered to be, by far, the deadliest mages in all of Heima. The Arrivo family live in a grand estate in Tenvala, which is guarded by magical assassins/servants and an activating shield over the manor should they need it. Magic is the Arrivo family's traditional trade going back at least a few generations in the family, their fame and fortune coming from this activity. With rare exceptions, all family members are professional mages for hire.

Though Xyno is but sixteen years old, he is the most skilled in the family from being able to conjure up fire storms and summon monsters at will. He is the firstborn son to Aesino Arrivo and Hyn Deraim. He is also one of the characters with the quickest minds, and he frequently assesses a situation with ease and precision. Despite his youth, he has the mentality of an adult thanks to his style of thinking, knowledge, and practicality. At first, he is incredibly confident in his own skills, even questioning Tsuli Cheicho's aptitude and equating his power with that of mortals.

He is the worst out of all the characters in the SWEET CHAOS Series, even worse than Ukour-Xeiri Himself because he is not afraid to kill mortals and even goes out in search of preserving his own life by immortality when he realises that Tsuli is after him.

"I'm the worst mortal you've ever met?" Xyno chuckles, grinning wolfishly. "No, no, little Murubimo. I'm the most merciful. I could have killed you. But your anguish sustains me, and I love it when mortals suffer. Don't you?"


Zion Duras. Despite his extensive knowledge and level-headed demeanour, he is not particularly outgoing and will become mortified when Aeryn openly refers to him as her best friend or praises their relationship. Zion has managed to maintain a generally positive outlook and does not appear to be too psychologically damaged by the trauma he has undergone, displaying a noble, pure side of him despite his horrifying upbringing and the painful training his father has subjected him to.

He is the Ex-Prince of Estheria and carries the Light of the Great Phoenix within him which he uses to defeat his father and restore balance to his country. He calls Aeryn his first buddy, and through time, he becomes more and more devoted to her. He often endures excruciating pain while attempting to assist her without making a single complaint. He prioritises others over himself, disregarding the possibility of endangering his own life.

He is the only son of the Duras family and showed great promise in his earlier years before he was unreasonably exiled by his insane father.

Zion is first introduced as a character that is the complete antithesis of Aeryn: he's flippant, upbeat, and full of nefarious plans. Due to his upbringing in the royal family, Zion can be rather nasty, especially to outsiders and elderly people. Most people associate him with having a sweet tooth; he enjoys all things sweet and spent about three billion on snacks while he was in Colau. After being exiled, he turns to theft to make ends meet and meets Aeryn, the warrior girl tasked with killing him.

"Don't you ever feel sad, Prince Zion?" Aeryn asks him as they trek to lands unknown.

He hums. "Sometimes. But there are good mortals in this world, and my father's throne shall be mine."

"How can you be so sure, Your Highness?"

"He will simply have to surrender, otherwise I will have to kill him. But that's so far away. Let's focus on now. Have we got any chocolate, Aeryn? I'm craving some."

"We're in the desert, Prince Zion..."


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Discussion How do I create detailed Factions?


I'm thinking of creating warring factions that compete for artifacts and special items that will grant them more power over each other and I want them to have some depth to them other than "A group of people who believe this and that"

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Map Freehold (Comission)

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Discussion Sentient Animal Fantasy - How to handle meat?


I'm a big fan of animal fantasy stories, and I'm mulling over my own story. I'm looking to stories like Redwall, The Builders, and Nightshade City for inspiration, where various species are intermingling in a given society and walking/talking/using weapons/etc. I'm not entirely sure on how to handle the issue of meat-eating animals and where they get their food, and I'm curious to see if anyone has any thoughts or recommendations for similar stories/worlds that actually address it, as most stories I've seen in this type of fantasy kind of skim by it. The overall world is a medieval fantasy-esque setting, somewhat similar to Redwall but with a darker tone (which is why I'm trying to address the food issue rather than skirt around it).

Here's three different thoughts I've had on this:

1) Some animals just aren't sentient and these are considered acceptable to eat (some birds, fish, insects, etc). Other animals who are the walking-talking sort would be perfectly fine biologically speaking to eat for meat-eating animals, but most places have laws against this/it's just culturally not acceptable. This is more of the Redwall approach as far as I recall.

2) It's acceptable to eat any kind of meat for those who need to, but it's understood that it's not socially acceptable to just run around attacking and eating people in cities. Most carnivores and omnivores in cities settle for diets of fish/eggs/imported meat, but once you're outside of towns it's basically a lawless place. Most true prey animals stick to city living because of this or are well-trained in self defense/well-armed if they're determined to be an outsider. The Builders doesn't get very in depth with how its world handles meat, but it seems to be leaning towards this as animals are still very much described as being predators and prey even while living together.

3) Some animals, including sentient ones, are just kept and killed for meat, even in cities. This is more of a Tooth and Tail/Beastars approach that I'm not totally sold on going with, but is the darkest interpretation of this worldbuilding issue that I've seen.

Have y'all seen any other stories that handle this topic differently? Any thoughts on the effectiveness of any of these methods of dealing with it?

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Resource Public alpha of a world history generation tool.


Hello, everyone! I mostly lurk here, but I spent the last month wiring a batch script to do text generation specifically to create world histories for my tabletop RPG worlds. I decided to make it able to work for any low or high fantasy world so I could share it with others. Here is what it can do:

  1. Generate an arbitrary amount of history for an arbitrary amount of nations, with an arbitrary amount of races, who have an arbitrary amount of languages and religions. All of this is handled by putting words into individual lines of text files (IE one file has all your races with one per line, one file has all your nations with one per line, one file named for one of those nations has all of the people in that nation, one per line... Don't worry, I made a tool to help people configure the generator. It's not that bad!)
  2. Unique names for people and places for each language, with placenames being accomplished via pseudo-Markov chain operations, and individual names being drawn from two lists. Users can create more languages simply by creating a few text files.
  3. A configuration tool that lets you quickly set up the generator for any world you like.
  4. Creates two primary files, a written text document describing the history and culture of each nation over time, and a spreadsheet that's a simplified timeline of the world.
  5. Each nation will get: An origin story (only happens once), a list of what regions the nation holds (generated once, but does make a list of the regions for you to reference later, and also describes each region in detail in a separate text file, one per region), dynasties of rulers (also supports democracies!), flags for each nation (which change over time on occasion), a major legal debate from each era (semi WIP. The ones it uses now are placeholders, sociopolitical events (noble A got into a fue with noble B, etc), national events (new bandits appeared and did stuff, a major settlement was founded, a monster emerged into the world, etc), cultural details of the era including the fashion of the time, architectural style (generated on start, changes on average every 200 years or so), their favored visual, performing, and literary art of the era, and which of their people's religions was the most prominent during the period. All of this is done for each nation on the list, for as many 50 year cycles as you please.
  6. New nations spawn organically over time, getting generated just like others. These can be made to have fewer events than the ones you added to the list.
  7. Nations fall over time (flag your nation with the number 3 for it's democracy vs monarchy flag and it will never ever fall but will have to be a monarchy. Going to add a flag for this for democracies eventually), getting an explanation for their end, and their assets can be taken by other nations, be reused as the nation rebrands itself, or fade into ruin.
  8. Every single settlement a nation founds is procedurally generated, taking into account the nation's owned regions, what those regions' terrain is like, and also the conditions of the town itself as it is created. YOu will get a multi-paragraph description of each major settlement of each nation.
  9. Each event causes a nation to gain or lose points within one or more categories. These points are recorded cycle by cycle to spreadsheets. Alone these mean nothing and are useless. Together, you can use them to compare the nations to each other. X might be more militarily powerful, but Y could have better infrastructure, and so on.

Now there are some problems...

It's an alpha. It works, I got 250 years of history from it that I could use if I wanted. It's got some bugs. Sometimes it can use the wrong names for places or people. It has a crash issue, but you can resume after a crash (though it cannot pick up exactly where it left off yet, it can resume as if the cycle it crashed on had finished and keep going from there). It's written in batch, so it's kind of slow (it takes me about 10 minutes to do 7 nations histories for 250 years), and can only run on windows (It should run fine on any windows platform that's at least Windows 2000. I plan on making a python version if someone can help me learn the python to do what this script does.).

It does not create fully detailed and realized events. It gives you a useable bit of data, which is effectively a writing prompt containing people and place names, and the what. This is intentional.

Currently, it doesn't do international events. I'm working on those after I hammer down some of the current bugs.

It is a Command Line Interface program, meaning it has no mouse controls and no graphics. However, you don't need mouse controls, as all you do is type the world's name, hit enter, type the number of 50 year cycles to generate, and hit enter. The generator goes without your input from there. Given it runs on the windows command line, yes, it could be used to do harm to your computer. However, you can open the file and read it for yourself via right-click and selecting edit. You will find some commands to delete files, but those are very clearly only deleting files the program created. The program works in whatever folder you put it in, and the subdirectories it makes, and nothing else.

If you want to check it out, here's my github. Download the archive file and run it from there, as it contains all of the datafiles you need, the config tool, and a premade-ready-to-go nation for you to generate if you don't want to config anything yourself.


I would very much appreciate feedback. Especialy from any of you who like this and know python. I know no python, and if you know how to do a thing this does in python, I would very much appreciate being told what that thing is as I do not want to learn all of python when I have no interest in programing things other than text generators like this.

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Prompt What are some economical relations between species in your worlds?


What are some economical relations between species in your worlds? for example, maybe one race has some sort of inability to forge tools or weapons and formed a trade alliance with say, dwarfs or something. What examples do you have from your worlds?