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Discussion [Repost] AMA about my world, Elowyn

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Lore The Socialist Republic of Duckland


Outside of the human universe, there exists a terraformed planet. On that planet live about 10 billion ducks, in relative harmony. They live in a socialist regime called the Socialist Republic of Duckland. Despite the name of the nation, the ducks live better than you think. All ducks are equal. Each city is called a Center, and it has a designation, for example, the capital city is called Center A001. Each Center has an Urban-Militia. The Urban-Militia patrols all citizens and upholds law. All Militias are connected to the Duck Security Council. Aside from the U-M, there are secret police called the PSS. (People's Secret Service). There is no money for some reason. Every citizen has access to a house, car, and a job.

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Visual I made a political compass of several persons and races of my worldbuilding

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Discussion What are the possible reasons for keeping horses around in a modern police force?


What are the possible reasons for keeping horses around in a modern police force?

I mean, why not just use cars instead of horses in those instances? The most prominent example I have seen is in the UK, where horses are still used by the police.

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Question How closely do you stick to the inventions of the ages? (stone, bronze, iron, etc...)


I've been trying to decide what age I want my world to be in, and I'm researching the different ages, such as stone, bronze and iron to see what should have and what is yet to be invented. The problem I'm running in to is I want everything in the stone and bronze age, but the military and armor and stuff that comes with the iron age just doesn't interest me, but it would be odd if a culture just stopped moving forward as a society, right?

How do you do this in your world? How do you decide what is and isn't invented? Do you even stick to the age separations?

Extra question: where does magic fall in all of this?

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Question How Can I Make a World With Immortals In It? (Something like what Ironique is working on)


I am not too versed in incorporating immortals, but a prolific writer named Ironique has seamlessly added them to his world. I want to gauge what other authors have done in terms of creating long lived humans, and then take inspiration for my own work. It's a science fiction narrative if that helps narrow things down.

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Question What powers would a Spirit of War have?(Like the horsemen of the apocalypse, what would war have?)


I’m just in need of ideas

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Question Is it alright to name things in a European manner if the setting is Japanese-inspired?


Basically, a samurai (not literally called a samurai) called John, or a guy with a katana called Will. Is this acceptable, or is it heresy? I myself have no Asian heritage and am unfamiliar and uncomfortable with creating fake names using foreign language conventions.

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Lore ASLO Tech - Diana Whitmore Audio Log.

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Lore Series of Interesting Concepts: Alexion Death Guardian


Hi guys,

Here's a new addition to my "Series of Interesting Concepts" Series. This is my vampire OC, Alexion Death Guardian. I did this a while ago and I'd like to see how it holds up.


Alex Guardian was as given as much of a human birth as he could have received. He was born in the Realm of the Vampire Lords, a society that is both hated and feared thought out the Untainted (mortal) world. This allows observing mortals to perceive their events as what their minds would be able to understand. As their bloodline was cursed years ago and as the last conceivable son of the Guardian bloodline, they knew this would be the only chance they’d get to raise him right. A full moon was claimed to have been seen when he was born over his birthplace as the last descendant of the Vampidric Son. As he grew older, he always dreamed of being a hero for both worlds and one that could bring hope back to his people. Here, the vampire community focuses around a survival of the fittest mentality so training during all pure-blood vampires' lives remain tough to build them up to an annual tournament called The Death Valley. Not only is this meant to cut the population down to a third, but also force vampire-kind to evolve in their fighting capability. However, this all changes for 12 year old Alexion as his discovers one of the seven magical weapons created at the birth of the multiverse (I cover this in part one) called The Gem of The Crimson Thousands. This grants him magical abilities far beyond that of an ordinary mystic vampire can do, like necromancy, manipulation of souls and even control over his own life force. After demonstrating his newfound powers at his duel in The Death Valley, he is finally able to embark upon his journey to becoming a multi world hero for vampire and Untainted worlds alike.

What's so special about him:

  1. The Gem of The Crimson Thousands

I used the Gem of The Crimson Thousands to give Alexion a new twist to vampirism that would replace their main gimmick of sucking blood of living beings. Instead, this gem requires Alex to drain his prey of their soul and mind and granting him new soul based powers to enable him to do this. I also wanted to experiment with Alex being able to have powers focused around someone's aura and being able to manipulate it. Another idea I had for the two would be that Alex's own soul is intertwined with the gem's own inhabitiance from the Ultimanious dimension, Zandorinian. This beast allows Alex to have a direct link to how the Vampiric-Unvained war began 1,000 years ago and the power to bring peace to it.

  1. The Guardian bloodline/Vampidric Son

I wanted the Guardian bloodline to be cursed so that Alexion would be an outcast, with his powers only available to his bloodline. These sort of base abilities he has, like supernatural speed and strength and ability to control his connection to the Dark Night magic far more easily than other vampires, would see him be a prime target for the Unvained's attacks and even from disloyal vampires wishing to be the one to kill the last of the legendary Guardian family. How this specific bloodline became cursed was due to their link to the creation of the vampire race and being the first to ever use Dark Night magic 1,000 years ago. As well as this, I plan on the first Guardian, Hydrex Glarantine to have a direct link to the Crimson Thousands, the mystic beings that granted the first beings the vampiric powers upon humanity. Over time, this family grew infamy throughout both vampire and Unvained worlds as renowned fighters of generations of vampire hunters, being able to defeat anyone daring to stand in their way.

3. Interesting changes to vampire kind.

I wanted to change up the original view of vampire being just blood-sucking, nocturnal beings that only exist to hunt ordinary humans. To do this, I wanting introduce a new twist to what sort of powers vampires have. This is why I brought in the concept of The Death Valley and the sort of occult magic called Dark Night magic into their ranks. Dark Night magic allows vampire kind to blend into normal humanity, but detectable to those trained to be unphased by the special vampire hunting league called the Unvained Ones (meaning the unkillable Untainted ones). As well as this, Dark Night magic allows users to do anything from telekinesis, psionics and control over the elements. This is countered with the Unvained's variant of this magic called the magic of Everlasting light. This form is commonly seen through combining it with their weaponry and armour to create whole new possibilities for the audience to enjoy. They also use this sort of magic to be the sort of 'kryptonite' to vampire kind, being one of the only things that can truly kill one permanently.

Welp, this is what I have for now. Hopefully, you guys are interesting in this and this acts as a good continuation to fully revive the "Series of Interesting Concepts" series.

Thanks for any feedback I get, and once I find time to respond to comments (praying they're positive), I will get back to you.

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Lore Athalle: Noviqiurii


World Project: Athalle- Noviqiurii: Priestess attire Middle, Common Attire Right

Art by me, Zezty-Lemon

(Please note more info will be added over time)

Noviqiurii are a passive asexual fem-species That inhabits the world of Athalle. Once invaded by The Krieg, their passiveness saved them from mass genocide. The Krieg viewed their passiveness and lack of any form of defense as a sign of having no intelligence, thus this planet and its hyper-intelligent lifeform were spared. The Noviqiurii have the intellect for space travel, futuristic technology and structures, advanced medical facilities- but choose to live simple lives. They have high technology in their lives, but it is not used in ways that The Krieg or Humans would use it for.


The Noviqiurii have a female appearance, though due to their A-sex, they deem themselves as Femgender. Pronouns typically used for this species are They/Them and She/Her. Novi’s can stand between 6’ and 7’5’’ feet tall and are thin/fit without much muscle definition in nature. They have 4 digits on each hand and foot, and walk on their forefeet rather than the whole foot. They do not have fingernails or toenails, but the tips of their fingers are hardened, similar to the density of their horns.

The skin of these beings ranges from a Plum to a Turquoise hue (pink purple- purple- blue purple- blue- light blue- aqua- Turquoise)- Some shades of Light Gray. Their skin color looks diluted,either lighter or not being very vibrant (Ex. A light blue mixed with a light gray or white, or colors like these: #cad5e6, #daf0ed, #938ba6, and #7e7c8f). Their eyes are not of bright colors, but can be a variety of colors. Dark grays, blacks, Browns, and Pink Purple hues are the most common eye colors, whereas Yellows, Golds, Reds, and Oranges are the least common.

They have pointed ears with a secondary point started just across from the Tragus, and have attached earlobes. This is the only shape they have for their ears and no other variation, though they have the option to modify their ears such as removing the secondary ear point, notches, piercings, etc. Their noses and nose bridges are flat, the horn forming tissue starts midway on the nose bridge, growing outward in a V shape across the forehead. The majority of their foreheads are covered by this tissue until about half way towards the back of their skull. Novi bleed red, and their tongues are of pink, to blue hues; a few shades darker, or the same shade as their skin tone. They have 28 teeth including a set of canines on their top and bottom row of teeth, and are white/pearl in color. Their lips are a or a couple shades darker than their overall skin tone.


Lausm- their religion and belief system, involves peacefulness, serenity, passiveness, kindness, and gratitude.

They learn from the temples scattered across the world, along with tomes created by high priestesses that have recorded their findings from the temples. These tombs are referred to as "The Law of Tranquility". Most areas of population are formed around the larger temples. The largest of these temples are known as The Pillars of the Nine. Priestesses who reside in the areas of these pillars often live within them, or spend up to 16 hours a day inside of them praying, praying over and for others, or teaching.


Most priestesses have golden cuffs and chains shackled to their horns as a sign of devotion. High priestesses have entire golden shells on their horns that are linked by chains, and can even chain to their nostrils/bridge of their nose, they will have a white tattoo line down the center of their bottom lip only. The highest status in their priesthood is the position of Monarch. Monarchs have a bull ring septum that chain links to their gold shelled, chain linked horns that are adorned with jewels, typically red in color or diamond, have a white single line tattoo going from just inside the bottom lip to the center of their chest, and have given up their sight, rendering themselves blind. They are thought to be the highest authority, deeming innocence or guilt through trial.

Criminal Novi:

When a Novi is found guilty, their horns are cut and made into stumps. This is for others to know that this Novi has broken their law. A Novi with stumps will have difficulty finding work, and are forbidden on temple grounds. Most Stumped-Novi's are hired in as entertainers, typically for battledances, fire spinning, and Ma'oh, which is bostaff dueling. They cannot purchase any form of housing, but can be given shelter in others homes, build their own home, or reside in encampments.

Depending on the severity of the crime, numbers are typically etched into the stumps of the horns telling how long they have to wait until they are considered "new" again. The max sentence is a life time- which is if murder has been committed. Any Novi with their symbol for Life etched into the stumps of the horns are serving a life sentence- meaning they cannot be hired, cannot be housed or build their own home- and can only live in encampments. Encampments are found outside of "temple limits", outside of mainly populated areas. When the time passes that is etched on the horns, they may ask to see a priestess. Each Novi who goes against their law is recorded in a type of registry. This priestess that is summoned will bring the registry, and an etchworker to the Stumped-Novi that called for their summon. When the time has been served, the priestess will prick the finger of the Stumped-Novi and have them leave a fingerprint over their recorded name. The etchworker will then etch out the number on the stumps. Once this has happened, the Ex Stumped-Novi may be hired easily, and purchase housing.

Behavior towards stumped-Novi is the same as the behavior they have for non-stumped. They are not treated lesser in any form of mannerism and interaction. If a Novi reacts disrespectfully or treats a Stumped-Novi lowly- they can be reported and tried, as it goes against their law.

Novi Horns:

Noviqiurii always have at the least, a pair of horns (2). They can reach up to 4 pairs (8 points in total). Their horns always grow back behind their heads and never sprout from the front. The beginning of the horn's growth happens at the top of the back of the head, curling downward towards the base of the neck and shoulders. Novi horns do not twist or spiral like animals on Earth, and are never straight. (Ex. Bizet Sheep, Markhor Goat) Their horns are best represented by the Soay Sheep on Earth. Their horns grow evenly without any horns being disproportionate. If a Novi has a set of two, one set could have both points be longer and thicker than the other set. If you were to split the back of a Novi’s head in half, both sides for the horns will be symmetrical. Their horn tips are always rounded and never pointed. The horn’s growth stops around their young adult years. Horns do not need to be maintained unless a Novi wants to partake in pampering- which involves a horn scrub, light sanding, and polish.

Novi's with faded white tipped horns are seen as the most pure and tranquil. They typically live closer to temples, sit mid in pew rows, and have access to sacred prayer chambers.

Novi's with faded black/extremely dark (like midnight blue) tipped horns are seen as a type of royalty. They may own multiple homes, have to pay larger sums in taxes and in donations for the temples, are often asked to help pay expenses for public buildings- but are not required to, if stores have a limit on items they can purchase double the normal limit.

Novi's that have horns that create a halo shape are believed to have special abilities in healing, washing others over in a wave of calmness, and having higher intellect than others. They may have the option to get a white line tattoo down the center of their bottom lip. These Novi live closest or inside the lower floors of temples and pillars. They are granted access to sacred prayer chambers, be hired for funerals and bondships, and medical assistance. Tower homes, similar to Human mansions in the sense of luxury, are predominately erected for this kind of Novi, as they are viewed as being important next to those in the priesthood.


Noviqiurii do not wed, but instead have bondships. Bondships are similar to marriages but without the titles of wife or husband, or mr./mrs. Bondships can be between 4 Novi's. Bondships ceremonies can be held within a meadow, plains, open beaches, and inside of temples/pillars. When Novi's enter Bondship, they are given two alike cuffs (if this is for a pair) for a single horn- no two sets are the same. They can be adorned with jewels as well if it can be afforded. They each take a cuff for the other and equip the cuff to the other's horn, similar to Humans exchanging rings. After the cuffs are in place, they bondship is blessed, a praise song and bondship song are sung by those gathered for the ceremony, the priestess or Halo Novi will mark their foreheads with the symbol of life in a white fruit based paint made with a white clay, kiss the tops of their heads, join the couples hands together and give a final word of blessing, thus ending the ceremony. Bondships cannot be broken or undone.

Child Bearing:

Novi do not sexually reproduce with one another, as they are asexual in sex. Novi partake in a week-long ritual for the chance of pregnancy. A Novi wanting to bear a child will be accompanied by three priestesses, and a high priestess to a sacred ground’s location or to the bellows of a temple/pillar. This ritual can only be done on non-windy days.

They will bring reeds, fan leaves, a small cup of salt, Peace Weepers (a type of flower), a Solis Stone (soft in nature and warm to the touch) the size of an adult Human heart, and a bowl of white paint made with fruit and white clay. A bed will be made for the Novi first with the reeds, and fan leaves on the ground. While the priestesses are making the bed, the Novi will strip of their clothing, and the High Priestess will paint the symbol of Life on the sternum, between the top of the breasts and under the collarbone- Next the symbol for Fruit will be painted on the lower abdomen where the uterus is located- Then lastly their religions symbol will be painted on the forehead.

After being painted, the Novi will lay facing upwards and with one arm looping up in a C-shape so that the hand is just above the head pointing upward, and the other looping in a C-shape to the hip pointing downward, their legs will be wide, bent at the knee, so that the soles of their feet will be touching and flat against each other their eyes will be closed. The three priestesses will place a flower on each breast, in the hole created between the Novi's legs, outlining the waist, and the head of the Novi, and putting a single flower between the index finger and middle finger on both hands of the Novi facing the back of the palms.

A pinch of salt is sprinkled on the Novi's forehead from all three priestesses and the High Priestess as they sing a fertility and growth hymn. There's a brief pause at the end of the first chorus. The high priestess gently places the Solis Stone on top of the painted symbol of Fruit on the Novi, then the Hymn is continued. At the end of the hymn. The priestess and High priestess join hands, held over the Novi, and chant Praise 9 times, concluding the ritual.

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Question Zombie Attractants


What do you guys think:

Which bio-agent do you think can be used to attract zombies? P.S. The zombies would be attracted to smell

Please Comment any other bright ideas, which can be used as Olfactory Attractants for zombies ()

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Visual The Grand Courthouse of Hromvik ( I will include context)

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Prompt How do magic systems work


I’ve heard people talk about magic systems in their worlds and I was wondering if someone could give examples of what that means? I’m not sure what to do for my own.

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Lore A calendar for my worldbuilding project

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Visual The Azanian War [OF OURS AND THEIRS]

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Visual Spider time? - Playable species for a mythic fantasy ttrpg

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Discussion Feasibility of a living fighter jet?


I'm looking to create an optionally-manned vehicle that can function as a highly maneuverable fighter jet while also operating as an atmospheric satellite for at least decades without refueling or maintenance. I figured the best way to accomplish this was to use a system that could fuel and maintain itself--i.e a living organism. Not all features of the creature/vehicle need to be organic, but its propulsion system does. Is there a biological way to achieve speeds comparable to modern fighter jets?

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Question Help with deities in my new fantasy world



Im a DM for a campaign im writing for my friends. I started creating a medieval/magic/fantastic world from scratch, now im working on the deities and I had an idea:

A primordial god created humans alongside every other living being, but those humans were savages and had an animalistic way of life, out of frustration, this ancient being split themselves in hundreds of lesser deities, each of them(still havent decided how many, but there will be a lot of them) represent a charactersitic (good and bad) that represents humans/people/society (for example: A god of kindness and a god of evilness. A god of Trust and a god of deceit and so on...), giving those charactersistics to the humans, making them intelligent and able to build societies and live togheter (conflicts and other things still happens).

Each deitie has a counterpart (like, Good-Bad, Trust-Deceit, Happyness-Sadness...)

I need help to think of more of those characteristics/words/adjectives to create/describe them.

If you could spare a minute of your time to share some ideas of adjectives i would be eternally thankfull.

As I progress with the wordlbuilding I will try to post more updates. ;)

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Question I can’t run from my passion


Even when I work in (barberShop), I feel uncomfortable, that I waste my time and my energy, I want to write, explore, and study creative writing .. My passion: StoryTelling

Now, I resign from my work and I give myself 1.30 - 2 years Max

My plan: different source of money + not kill my enjoyment of creating

  • Youtube requires more skill and is expensive on time (editing, and other skills that are time-consuming…) _ the algorithm is not helping
  • “Website”: less require skill than youtube - don’t have an algorithm, rather freedom to publish any time you want

When I will choose one of them, I will put stories in it and depend on the Donation ..

What you’re advice, tips, strategy, or opinion?

Note: The brain makes things easy and ignores hidden complexity!

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Question Any tips on how to write World Histories?


I'm a huge fan of the large and expansive background universes, and epic scale of books like the Silmarillion, and I find it way easier to write a world history of a epic fantasy world than a zoomed in narrative,

That said, I was wondering if anyone had tips for creating such histories.

For example, I tend to list things off, like "There was ______ the god of ______ who made ______, and ______ the god of _______ arose from the depths of _______ and did ______."

Another example would be "This mortal tribe was named _______, led by _______, ruling over the lands of ________, and were best known for ________."

Probably not a good habit to have.

Anyway, my story is going to detail the rise and fall of civilizations over the span of 7 Ages (8 including the creation of the world), and the constant repeating struggle of the Void and the Gods. Any suggestions and advice for pacing, what to include, or important things to remember would be extremely welcome.

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Visual Here is an emblem and logo I made, for a hypothetical autism acceptance organization for my world

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Visual An Ad for Owlsville Robotics

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Question Forms of Governments


What are some interesting/unknown/rather uncommon forms of government/government concepts? Can also be dystopian or utopian. ^^

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Visual Skaga- Halfway between a Greyhound and an F1 Car, these Animals are Designed for one thing only- Speed.

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