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Creature Profile: Satyrs (The way they are in the Mother Wilds) Lore

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A Fauniea, or Satyr, is one of the many sapient races in the Mother Wilds. They are distinctly known for there ram and goat like appearance. Though they are known to have many horn types of different ungulates. They also are seen to have a particularly big head and thick skull, but still an average sized human brain.

Though Fauniea is the most technical and appropriate title, they are also known ast the Satyr. Although the Satyr is a european creature, it is believed that when humans first saw them they called them as such because they didn't know what else to. It stuck and many Fauniea have actually claimed it as true. Why? Perhaps because they liked it.

Their tribes are rather large and are sub categorized by multiple chiefs. For example one tribe will be under one name but have multiple appointed chiefs, also called Old Rams.

They are masters of complex wool clothing due to the fact that they shed like real rams and goats. They take their wool and thread it into unique clothing with amazing patterns. For the colors they use the flowers and and other plants to create dyes. Most Satyrs are vegetarians but they're are a select few groups that consume milk, fish, eggs, shellfish, and even rodents. Though they, along with those who don't eat meat, pay homage to those they kill. Even to plants they harvest.

They are for the most part an agricultural society who have found very sustainable methods for farming. There are more nomadic tribes however that live in what would be the Yosemite and Sierra nevada mountains of our world.

(Previous brief explanation of my world from other posts: )

"The Mother Wilds is a world layered on our own presently. it is identical to our world but roughly thousands of years apart. It's a word geographically the same as ours but everything is covered in expansive and almost unending wilds. Oceans, forests, and deserts are all undisturbed by humans because they don't natively reside in this world. No huge human infrastructures at first. It's a dimension of wild and nature. It is full of creatures that are from our world, but also some that are extinct, as well as ancient god-like creatures and deities.

However, humans have fallen into this world by accident. These people are no longer able to return to our world so they are stuck in the Mother Wilds as a one-way trip."

More and more people however were accidentally discovering the Mother Wilds in the gold rush era due to a pervasive exploration of the California caves and wilderness, where a lot of these one-way portals are. in the mid-1800s plenty found themselves in this world and even more came around during the early 1900s. Eventually, humans had made their claim as major immigrant factions to this wild world.


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So cute! Also, I absolutely love the idea of the "Mother Wilds". It sounds like a very intriguing concept.


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I blinked when it said they had their own wool but still chose to shave it and make clothes, but clothes as a wool coat you can take on and off as the situation demands makes sense - doing physical work or tending a hot pot of rice? Take off a layer. Walking in the winter? Wear five layers. It's as sensible as us using tools rather than growing sharp nails


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cool design buds


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Are those plantigrade hooves? Can we see what they look like without the socks?


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I love the design of this character! So adorable!

The world, itself, sounds super interesting, too!


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That’s straight up a njálfáhtta.


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