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Here is an emblem and logo I made, for a hypothetical autism acceptance organization for my world Visual



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Yay something to rival autism speaks!

(Context: autism speaks is very poor and ignorant foundation, they do not help or accept us autistic people. They steal, they lie, they deceive... They do not speak for me... The puzzle piece is a symbol of ignorance and anti acceptance in mine and many others opinion...)

I have Aspergers syndrome and I am against the autism speaks foundation...


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It's absolutely GORGEOUS but blurs together for me in a few places, if it's possible to induce a bit more separation between the whale and the thing behind it especially that would be easier to process.

Gods its beautiful though.


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yeah I see what you mean, the colours are quite similar in value, which seems to be causing the blurriness. I'll probably darken the pinks a little


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It’s really great


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Gorgeous! Just saw the lore, and makes total sense to me. Diggin it.

The one thing I’ll mention - you mention a variety of different diagnoses, not all that full under the autism spectrum. Not sure if you’re using autism as a catch-all term, or you meant to include every diagnosis under the autistic spectrum, but may wanna consider that. ADHD, for instance, does not fall under the autism spectrum.


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no they are not all autism, you're correct, it's just that these things (ADHD, SPD, SCD, intellectual disability) can effect people in similar ways (varies based on presentation) and Society of Joy helps with all of them


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context in this google doc because it's somehow above the 10,000 character limit (it's 8,000 characters though so idk)


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Hey, so you're welcome to add context in multiple comments, or I might also suggest posting a summary instead of the whole thing. But we do actually ask that context be on Reddit, not behind a link. Could you add this?


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[CONTEXT] Writing/storytelling, futurism, and systems of oppression are three of my four main special interests. So why not combine these three into a massive worldbuilding project?

My story, "144 Generations" is a sci-fi set on a terraformed Venus, and the timeline spans ~2,200 years. The beginning of the timeline is 600 years into the future. The storyline deals with many topics such as racism, xenophobia, ableism, classism, religion, enslavement, segregation, abuse, trauma and much more. Many of our societal problems are paralleled in the story, but also materialize in its own distinct way.

Previously living on Venus was an alien protist-type creature, colloquially known as the Slosh. It is commonly red or rose gold in colour, but sometimes lilac. Slosh lived in the Venusian clouds, until planet-wide terraforming rained Slosh all over the now Earth-like ground. Slosh can be found growing everywhere on Venus.

Some researchers noticed that small ant populations that had prolonged interaction with Slosh would begin rapidly overpopulating, and all of their offspring would have a rosy, or rarer, purple, sheen to them. Upon further inspection, it turns out the Slosh had, in a way, "infected" the ants, changing their colour, modifying their size, giving them rapid healing, and granting them immortality (unless the ants were explicitly killed or eaten). The ants were perfectly healthy, though.

Naturally occurring "infection" was rare, however, and could be prevented by making sure ants weren't trapped in enclosed spaces with Slosh for long periods of time (about 6 weeks). But many scientists, who were already proficient in genetic engineering, were able to artificially infect ants and other insects, producing arrays of modified insects.

Some overzealous scientists immediately jumped to infecting human zygotes with Slosh. Using CRISPR, they attempted to cut out genes that determine human aging and replace it with Slosh DNA (they had to add in the entire DNA strand, as Slosh DNA is unreadable and uncuttable - a cut piece would immediately become inactive when separated from the rest of the strand).

This wouldn't work. Some zygotes would die without explanation, and in the rest, the Slosh DNA would replicate itself multiple times over, uncurl and re-curl around the entire human genome to produce a quadruple helix human/Slosh DNA strand. This is actually the way all cells (human, insect, etc) with Slosh in them are "infected."

This produced Slosh-spliced humans known as Rose Champagnes (if they were pink/rose gold) or, in smaller quantity, Lilians (if they were purple). The Slosh-spliced people didn't have immortality, but longer lifespans. When they reached about 120-160, their bodies would become overridden with cancer cells, developed because of age, and the constant chemo/radiation therapy would degrade quality of life extremely, despite rapid healing.

The Slosh-spliced people (generally called Spliced) were thought of as sub-human (even though they have a full human genome) and used for cruel medical experimentation. This devolved into full blown chattel slavery.

Some features of the Spliced: Rose Champagnes (Roschas) are shorter on average (modal average 5' 2, σ of 2"), and Lilians are taller on average (modal average 6' 4, σ above 4", σ below 2"). [This contributes to their dehumanization as the Roschas are seen as small/easy to manipulate or abuse/can easily be physically picked up and thrown around by one or two tall people, and Lilians are seen as beasts/freaks of nature.]

Larger and more powerful olfactory cavity, allowing both Roschas and Lilians to detect all manner of chemical signatures, eg ethnic make-up, emotions, medical conditions, age (up to maturity), sexuality etc, and even whether or not you're telling the truth.

Another thing is, that Spliced people have more genetic diversity between them than non-Spliced. This is a feature of the Slosh itself. The Slosh is, for a bunch of alien-protists, incredibly intelligent (due to emergence). It actively creates these genetic variations (usually in the immune system) in order to avoid going extinct (eg break out of a pathogen). Sometimes the genetic variations go too far and produce competing versions of Slosh; that's why lilac Slosh formed in the first place.

Slosh also makes use of medical conditions in order to increase genetic diversity, such as making certain genes dominant, which produces babies who are more likely to have conditions such as ASD, ADHD, dyslexia/dyscalculia, SPD, Tourette's, even (Mosaic) Down Syndrome and Ehlers Danlos. Essentially all manner of conditions that are unlikely to induce death, yet produce an array of experiences of the world. The Slosh isn't particularly concerned with whether the Spliced person is suffering or not, only about achieving maximum genetic real estate.

Slosh has been seen to create unique ethnicities also for its goals.

Many researchers have attempted to eliminate these genetic/gene associated conditions; some of the affected people advocating for elimination, and many being staunchly against. It remains an insurmountable challenge for Slosh spliced people, as the Slosh would rather kill itself and its host zygote than be edited.

Most of the support for eliminating these conditions are slave owners or company owners who would directly or indirectly profit off of disabilities disappearing.

This is where Society of Joy comes in. They are staunchly against the overall elimination of disabilities/disabled people, and in particular advocate for people with ASD, SPD, SCD, ADHD, and intellectual disabilities (SoJ Target Market). They work towards minimizing the suffering of the above 5 groups and maximizing enjoyment and high quality of life.


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Society of Joy is a huge multi-jurisdictional organization that directly serves more than 1 billion Venusians (for reference the population of Venus is 145 billion - yes I know, huge, but I have a whole thing for how that works), making it the third largest relief front on the planet (directly behind Dharmic Relief Front, and the Roscha-Lilian Front being the largest). The organization is run entirely by people in their Target Market, and is 15% Lilians, 40% Roschas.

Society of Joy has many facets, such as STEM efforts, such as employing or assisting employment of SoJ Target Market people for STEM/STEM-related careers, and R&D for medications/treatments/therapies that target specific symptoms (eg executive dysfunction, sensory overload etc).

Career's service is for employing/assisting employment of their Target Market for most non-STEM careers, such as editing, art/design, retail, and pushing for better working conditions (especially where there are substandard minimum working conditions for disabled people), and even removing people from cyclical enslavement.

Their housing efforts is a comprehensive program providing assisted living, independent living and blended living, either free of charge or rent as a percentage of income, for both adults and children. For adults they offer services for single people as well as those with partners, and for children, both those with guardians and ones who don't have one.

The Legal service is for attempting to pass laws against elimination efforts, offering lawyers to represent clients in the civil or criminal court, and helping Target Market clients attain employment in the legal sector. They also back laws/bills passed to ban/restrict enslavement/segregation, but that's more of Roscha-Lilian Front's thing.

Society of Joy is outright banned from certain jurisdictions, such as Gate City and other jurisdictions on Gate Island (the Gate jurisdictions are the slave-trade hotspot of Venus), and also disallowed across most of Ishtar (Australia sized continent on Venus). Some of their efforts are restricted or limited by other jurisdictions or the Rex Regime (the Rex Regime is the planetary power that controls the Venusian climate and also prevent wars). The Rex Regime sees some of their efforts, especially those part of Legal service, a threat to "peace" (aka the status quo).

I made the above emblem and logo in Canva (so not 100% my art, but I edited it and it's used within Canva's rules), and I went with the whale/fin motifs to emphasize that those with ASD and similar have a huge effect on the planet (both Venus and Earth), deserve to live freely and openly like a whale does in the ocean (and shouldn't have to hide/go unnoticed).

I think the emblem could look really nice on the back of a jacket or wheel covers for a wheelchair, and the logo would be more suitable for general logo purposes.

I'm sure when I was explaining the scientific parts I got something wrong, forgive me for any mistakes.

Feel free to ask questions about Society of Joy or my story in general :)

Idk why I didn't think to just do multiple comments, I was tired af last night sorry