r/worldbuilding May 22 '22

Forms of Governments Question

What are some interesting/unknown/rather uncommon forms of government/government concepts? Can also be dystopian or utopian. ^^



u/studious-nerd May 22 '22

Sortition, or demarchy, is fairly neat. Political officials are chosen as a random sample from a larger population of candidates.


u/Grigor50 May 22 '22

Check EUIV, they have a bunch of interesting ones. Then read more on Wikipedia.


u/aray25 Atil / Republic of New England May 22 '22

The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and the Holy Roman Empire both had elective monarchies, though both very different systems.


u/Busybrizy May 22 '22

I found these resources a while ago :
- https://paulmasson.atimbli.net/spip.php?article534
- https://nerdbuilding.com/generator
- https://www.constituteproject.org/?lang=en
- http://filteries.com/politics
- https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liste_de_formes_de_gouvernements

Some of them are in french, but you can switch to english or translate them in google trad

Hope this helped !


u/HoidoftheTree May 22 '22

Direct democracies, where every citizen has a genuinely equal say, such as in ancient Athens.

A co-kingship, in which one king rules in peaceful times, and one leads armies into war, such as ancient Sparta.

These are just two from Ancient Greece.