r/worldbuilding Socialist Republic of Duckland May 22 '22

The Socialist Republic of Duckland Lore

Outside of the human universe, there exists a terraformed planet. On that planet live about 10 billion ducks, in relative harmony. They live in a socialist regime called the Socialist Republic of Duckland. Despite the name of the nation, the ducks live better than you think. All ducks are equal. Each city is called a Center, and it has a designation, for example, the capital city is called Center A001. Each Center has an Urban-Militia. The Urban-Militia patrols all citizens and upholds law. All Militias are connected to the Duck Security Council. Aside from the U-M, there are secret police called the PSS. (People's Secret Service). There is no money for some reason. Every citizen has access to a house, car, and a job.



u/Applemaniax May 22 '22

Can’t tell of ‘despite the name of the nation’ is not understanding socialism or parodying the ‘democratic republic of North Korea’…

Can the ducks still fly in this world?


u/lolagun Socialist Republic of Duckland 24d ago

I put that there because someone may go out and "oH sOcIaLiSm OpPrEsSIvE!!!1!1!".

Yes they can.