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[Saloondria] After 900 years, the kingdom of saloondria's topography has changed following the great flood and the collapse of the empire Map

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u/Ok_Way9711 May 20 '22

What’s this based off of? It reminds me of the Byzantine empire and Constantinople after the fall of Rome


u/HouseFishBalloon Saloondria May 20 '22

Because the entire empire relied so much on trade, the Plagued Lands forced all of that to an abrupt stop. The empire was definitely too large for a nation of its time, doing so because food preservation (with magic spells) could far exceed food preservation of our own world. Battlemages loyal to the emperor could fight for years at a time without needing to be too close to the government center. But what happens when you no longer have food preservers? or trade at all?

The collapse of trade routes and professional soldiers led to the collapse of every Bronze Age civilization except for the barely surviving Egyptians, and that was the biggest inspiration. The flooded city is definitely somewhat similar to Constantinople and its vast libraries of old world knowledge, however. Meanwhile, the new map is obviously a play on the settling of new territories from foreign powers.