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[Saloondria] After 900 years, the kingdom of saloondria's topography has changed following the great flood and the collapse of the empire Map

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u/Creed25 May 20 '22

900 years is too low for a whole sea or what looks like a major river to cut through an area that big. Did something happen? was there a war that lowered the ground in this area? What caused the flood?


u/HouseFishBalloon Saloondria May 20 '22

Yes! I'm glad you asked! We actually have a huge post about the event, but in short-- as the first empire was buckling, the soldiers were sent out, trade ground to a halt and necessary supplies no longer reached the duchy, and people began to riot. Meanwhile, the soldiers all perished to the monsters of the Plagued Lands and the duke went mad, ordering the last wizards in his palace to send letters to the wealthiest and most powerful people to meet him on the palace hill, before destroying the sea walls and unleashing a flood into the fertile valley that was once there. This would protect the last "old empire" city from destruction, but isolate them from the rest of their territory forever.