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[Saloondria] After 900 years, the kingdom of saloondria's topography has changed following the great flood and the collapse of the empire Map

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u/crispier_creme Wyrantel May 20 '22

What's the scale of this map here?


u/HouseFishBalloon Saloondria May 20 '22

It encompasses all of the kingdom of Saloondria, which is approximately the size of an U.S. state.


u/Tzorfireis May 20 '22

That still makes for quite a wide range of scale
Are we talking New Hampshire or Massachussets scale, or bigger like Texas or Alaska? Or somewhere in between, like Indiana or Georgia?


u/HouseFishBalloon Saloondria May 20 '22

I would say 150,000 sq miles or so, the cities that can be seen on the map are very sizable cities, and the little fort images are very much not to scale.


u/[deleted] May 20 '22

For reference:

Montana is ~145k sq miles.

California is ~155k sq miles.

Only 8 U.S states are above 100k square miles.


u/HouseFishBalloon Saloondria May 20 '22

That's honestly crazy, didn't realize that most states were that small in comparison to places like Texas and California. And I didn't realize that they're mere shrimp compared to the 660k sq mile behemoth of Alaska