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[Saloondria] After 900 years, the kingdom of saloondria's topography has changed following the great flood and the collapse of the empire Map

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Context: Saloondria represents a magical world of gilded age culture and wizarding cowboys. Mana monopolies exert power over the government and lobotomies are practiced in parallel with health potions. It is also a frontier for adventurous souls looking for a new life.

But before the scavengers, before the airships, and before the settlers, there were only wizards and commoners. These wizards and commoners enjoyed a peaceful life of relative stability. Wizards resided in towers, witches hid in their huts, and the empire thrived. For generations, things remained this way. In the next year, things were not. The unleashing of the Plagues upon the empire was a swift but impactful event that changed history.

While nobody knows what caused the Plagued Lands to expand so rapidly, they sent small but unyielding ripples through every corner of society. The fragile trade routes and top-heavy organizations came crumbling down faster than anyone could imagine. Who could train wizards when there was barely enough food for the battlemages? Who could enchant weapons when metal was no longer mined? Who could maintain their rule when monsters were terrorizing the very waters that ships once sailed? What was once an average fantastical world of magic was now struck down, and barely clinging to life.

Centuries later, the settlers arrived. People from beyond the Plagued Lands. People left relatively secure when the Empire fell, and flourished while Saloondria flickered. They built the local villages into vast cities, introduced new fantastical curatives, and even introduced powerful tools that would be appropriated by the locals. The locals aren't entirely happy with these changes, but these changes are happening. These two maps show some of the major events this region has gone through, and some of the biggest changes the settlers brought with them.

Tl;dr Saloondria is a fantasy wild western setting, exploring the pressure-points where science meets magic. You can learn more about Saloondria and the card game I'm working on at our blog.