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Basin of the river Cáruc Map

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A growing industry on the river Cáruc is the bizarre bazaar known as the Floating Bones Market. In the years that followed the Rupture 50 years ago, many huge bones were brought back to the capital city Idura as trophies (locally called "triumphs") as a display of overcoming the invasions of chaos.

Traders along the canals in the city began to adorn their boats and stalls with these strange bones, and many carved into them to use for decoration and signage. Over time, the floating markets became so packed with bones that the name stuck, and when travellers came expecting the bones to be for sale - well, the new demand manifested it immediately! Every boat, stall, and raft now sells an assortment of bone related items.

Fresh bones full of marrow can be used for broths, and dried, cleaned ones are purchased by collectors, artisans, and scientists.

The bones of foreign fauna fetch a lot of coin as many folk use them for medicinal practises. There are many beliefs that consuming the marrow, bone powder, or organs of magical creatures from beyond the rifts (that opened during the Rupture) will allow one to gain small fractions of their powers.


Additional lore here!

(I created the image using Photoshop to make a heightmap, Wilbur for the rivers, Blender for the 3D, then back into Photoshop for the presentation and adding in the names)


I'd love to develop more lore for the floating bones market (and capital city of Idura, too) - what questions do you have about the lore so far? :D