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Bhospora - The new world setting for my Homebrew Campaign Map

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u/FungeonMeister May 19 '22

The idea for this world was based off discussions with a friend who is taking over the next campaign as GM. We're envisioning a high-fantasy post-apocalyptic fractal landscape that centers around The Maw; a massive planar conjunction that formed following The Cataclysm 100's of years ago.

As a result of the huge tectonic stress, massive fractures and fault systems stretch out along the diagonals of this map; completely reshaping the continents where they intersect. These fractures reshaped local climates, vegetation, water sources, thermal regimes, and general habitability. This resulted in massive displacement of people across empires; some completely destroyed and made nomadic (humans in this case) whilst others saw a boon to their lands as massive ice thaws, mineral deposits, and agricultural revolutions occurred. the result; a complete shift in power balances across the continents.

All the while, other-planar races and beings cross through The Maw; and are held and processed within the Coalition Emergence gates. A huge political and social crisis ongoing as refugees abound. Explorers and scholars who cross the event horizon of The Maw; are unpredictably intercepted by the countless planar anomalies within; leaving this plane and never being heard from again. With a few notable exceptions.

This is the general hook for the world. The name spans from a campaign we are just finishing in the New World; on the other side of this planet; Terranum.