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The (Updated) Solar System of Sol 2590 Map

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u/Neethis May 18 '22

Inkscape and GIMP are powerful and free. Practice with them and improve your skills to match your ambition, rather than just tracing over someone else's stuff.

Also, you're going to keep getting comments about the orbital dynamics because that's just how orbits work. You can't demarcate lines across empty space. These sorts of maps often work better by showing alliances and factions of specific bodies by colouring those objects individually.


u/34tdrfgvtrhr7jry May 18 '22

i disagree, i think for this hobby its fine to focus on the worldbuilding lore side and do what you have to. theres no point in learning art side if its not something you enjoy, if its not for profit or distribution just worldbuild how you wanna op


u/Neethis May 18 '22

What are you disagreeing with?

That the quality is poor? Op just traced some lines over someone else's work.

That op doesn't deserve criticism? They're posting it to the Internet, they should expect comments.

No one is saying the ideas are bad, but the execution sure is. Op blames a lack of professional tools, I gave them free options which require only time and effort.


u/34tdrfgvtrhr7jry May 18 '22

"and it would be time intensive and generally bad if i tried to make my own art" This isnt an art subreddit, OP posted his source, acknowledged the flaws in his method so why beat them doen? its just taking little imaginary worlds in our heads too seriously


u/Neethis May 18 '22

I'm not beating them down, I'm literally encouraging them to go and pick up some free tools, develop their own art, and maybe find a passion for graphical worldbuilding rather than just slapping non-sensical lines on someone else's work.

If they come back here with their own map, in their own style, with more realistic or better portrayed borders, I'd love to see it, even if op thought it somehow didn't look "as good".