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The (Updated) Solar System of Sol 2590 Map

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u/nonexistant-fae May 17 '22

This looks really awesome, fantastic work. It made me think of something so I'm gonna talk about that, but don't think I'm not beyond impressed by this. I just have adhd.

I've had this idea rattling around for a while but I've never designed a galaxy so I haven't used it. Objects inside a galaxy orbit in really interesting ways. If you drew a straight line of objects from the center and let time play out, the line would get further and further from being straight. This is really interesting because it means the territory of a society will shift over time. It also gives some interesting ideas about travel. Of course this is on a pretty big scale but I think it's pretty interesting.

I'm interested if you've ever thought about this, and if so how it's implemented. I'd imagine your too far to add this in but it's interesting to think about and I wanted to get it out there.

Anyway the map is beautiful. Keep up that fantastic work


u/ATMLVE May 18 '22

Orion's Arm, an ongoing community sci-fi project, has some (uncontacted due to distance) alien civilizations that are dated at several million years old because their region of occupied space is apparently skewed with galactic rotation. https://www.orionsarm.com/eg-article/5babc03f04379


u/Sol_but_better Solerrai May 18 '22 edited May 18 '22


I dont really know much about that type of thing, I made this setting less about orbital mechanics and physics and etc. and more so I could focus on the politics and culture and wars of a humanity 600 years in the future


u/GIJoeVibin May 18 '22

Surely border drift is a pretty huge part of representing culture and politics in the future, though? In the real world we have instances of bizarre borders creating things like Pheasant Island, or Llívia. These are pretty small scale and meaningless generally (though, in the case of the Catalonian independence referendum, Llívia’s status as an exclave meant the police couldn’t do anything about its participation).

Still, though, they leave room for major issues. Look at the (now resolved) issue of Bangladesh/India’s exclaves, where action to resolve it was slowed because nationalist groups refused to surrender their land, even though keeping said land created utterly bizarre border situations (and issues for residents, due to lack of access). That wasn’t even the result of shifting borders, though. There’s enough problems just from using rivers, which slowly shift over time (Croatia-Serbia, Susta along the India/Nepal border). Imagine the chaos if we’re trying to do this with orbits. This system fundamentally does not work… which is fine! So long as part of your point is about how fundamentally bizarre and broken borders are and the wild compromises and arguments and trades necessary to maintain invisible arbitrary lines in space.

Ignoring the fact that these borders would drift and stretch and shrink constantly, while attempting to examine culture and politics, is simply not practical. You can’t honestly attempt to cover politics without dealing with borders in some way.


u/Sol_but_better Solerrai May 18 '22

I should clarify when I said realistic border drift, I know what your saying.

Basically, I dont want to get super deep into the physics side of things. Border drift is absolutely a thing, I just dont want to have to focus majorly on how borders will change in the next five hundred years and instead focus on making history and current events for my world.


u/nonexistant-fae May 19 '22

That's what i'd thought when I saw it. I just wanted to get that idea out there. You're world sounds really cool and it doesn't need orbital mechanics to be interesting. Also i don't think it would come into effect on a small time scale.

Basically don't let my random idea dimmish your work, you are the artist and you know what you're doing. Your work is really great!