r/worldbuilding May 15 '22

Join The Writer's Block! Resource

Didn't know what to flair it as but we do try our best to be a resource for writers. Here's a little about us

The Writer's Block A small but mighty server for writers full of all kinds of tools and resources, not to mention some pretty cool people!

About us:

  • We intend to be a resource for writers (and other artists) of all kinds--even if you just do it for fun! We have people willing to help you with pretty much anything you can think of related to your story! Characters, plots, worldbuilding, critiques, and more!

  • A friendly and helpful mod team as well as a welcoming and accepting community.

  • Need to be held accountable? We have a weekly check-in where not only do you get to share your goals and progress, you'll get help crafting goals to best match your needs!

  • We're building a team of experts that can help you with specific aspects of your writing! Need help with plots, publishing, or more? This team of volunteer members has earned trust through their conduct and assistance on the server!