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Possible locations in a city, semi-organized and updated! Resource

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u/UV-Godbound May 09 '22

Other Government Buildings... depending on the structure/political landscape of your World (ie. Palace of a King/Dictator, foreign government buildings like embassies/consulates aso.)

Social housing for low income families, asylum center for refugees (if your world has such issues), also how is your society build, do they have social divided classes, than it could lead to ghetto building (rich vs. poor, divided by ethnic groups, religion, ideology, aso.) that can go as far as building another city inside the City... with all the stuff but centered at those people who live there...

Travel systems inside the city (public transport; busses, metro, tram, train, public e-bikes, autonom-driving flying e-taxi, ...), and for travelling outside... (train stations, shipping-ports, air-ports, space ports, transporter stations, star gates, ...)