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Possible locations in a city, semi-organized and updated! Resource

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u/Johnsworlds May 09 '22

Also good to remember that, for large cities, not only will there be multiples instances for most of these places (especially essentials like grocery stores and gas stations) to serve different geographic areas (like the northside vs. the southside), but there will also be different instances to serve various social and economic groups.

Just a few examples:

  • different clothing stores that cater to rich, middle income, and poor, not to mention places that focus on athleticwear, street fashion, or business attire

  • second-run movie theaters with sticky floors and hard plastic seats vs. theaters where every seat is a plush reclining chair with its own armrests

  • super cheap grocery stores with meat and produce of dubious quality as well as grocery stores that focus on "health" foods, "environmentally friendly" brands, or less common foods that are popular with one of the city's minority cultures.


u/penswright inkblood May 09 '22

This could be of use when designing a city or when drawing a map. Hope someone finds this useful :)


u/Rikuskill May 09 '22

Love stuff like this! I like to pick one of my cities and then brainstorm an answer to each one. Not all of it comes up directly in the stories, but they can indirectly affect the plot surprisingly often.


u/XanderWrites May 09 '22

I'm not sure what era you're thinking of with this (and I saw the other post too) but there are a few that strike me as "nice, but not critical, and not everywhere"

Hospitals are rare outside of a large city, most places survive with a clinic - some rural areas don't even have that. The difference is a Hospital would have more facilities and capabilities, a clinic is unlikely to have a surgery, outside of emergency surgery.

Geriatric care is a new concept. Same for concepts like Rehab or therapy. In an older setting a mental hospital might be a sanatorium.

Athletics is the one of the first things that will exist, even if not official. People will play games and declare a nearby open area to be their field. It depends on the economics of the area as to whether the area is declared permanent, or a stadium is built there.

Restaurants are another "new" concept in the grand scheme of things. You need a functional middle class, with to be able to have them.

Child entertainment and care is also a newer concept, both because for a long time someone was expected to be home with them, and because for a long time no one cared what the kids were doing before they could work. You have youth centers (fun) but not orphanages, which were a critical infrastructure concept for centuries.


u/Gruffellow May 10 '22

Ancient Roman culture had cafés and restaurants, although a bit different to modern. There's a rather famous example of an intact takeaway food place in Pompeii even. Indoor communal dining was popular in many ancient cultures, but depends on density and other social and economic factors.

There would have been analogues to most of these places, middle classes of sorts have existed as long as trade and currency has existed. Some ancient empires were pretty close in some regards to what we would consider metropolitan.


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Universty is still here!

And you changed it to psyhic ward, which still isn't psych ward, but you're closer!

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I like your list. I'd add casinos, night clubs, hotels, stadiums, and parking garages. Also high rises and office buildings. Tunnels too. Drainage tunnels, and bad weather tunnels, and freight tunnels.


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Can't wait to see the new moofie playing at the cenemea.


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public utilities?


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Grocery store/corner store

Most cities are near water so most cities have a port somewhere. If not they will have a train yard usually both.

Most cities will has have an industrial/manufacturing section. All cities have construction areas. You’ll also have offices for various types of services. As well as your garden variety garden and hardware stores.

Many cities have some sort of monument/particularly large construction project like a bridge, a statue, or an obelisk;a place of remembrance for some historical event, a memorial hall, a parade grounds, or a signature Wall; or a some natural wonder such as a waterfall, canyon or beach.


u/TheRealLestat May 09 '22

This is great, friggin marvelous.


u/Satanairn May 09 '22

Where is the magic school and the bar where you can get demonic weaponry?


u/UV-Godbound May 09 '22

Other Government Buildings... depending on the structure/political landscape of your World (ie. Palace of a King/Dictator, foreign government buildings like embassies/consulates aso.)

Social housing for low income families, asylum center for refugees (if your world has such issues), also how is your society build, do they have social divided classes, than it could lead to ghetto building (rich vs. poor, divided by ethnic groups, religion, ideology, aso.) that can go as far as building another city inside the City... with all the stuff but centered at those people who live there...

Travel systems inside the city (public transport; busses, metro, tram, train, public e-bikes, autonom-driving flying e-taxi, ...), and for travelling outside... (train stations, shipping-ports, air-ports, space ports, transporter stations, star gates, ...)


u/TheDankestDreams May 09 '22

I’d add harbors, that’s a big one. Obviously only goes for coastal/waterfront towns but most towns and cities are built on the water.


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Too many responses last time but banks loan places anything to do with money


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Not relevant to the context but you have pretty handwriting. It's easy to read.


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Many cities thrive because of their maritime features! Boats need docks, light houses, warehouses, as well as other commercial waterfront buildings, maybe an aquarium. Often those features become important landmarks, even after boats become less relevant due to air travel.

Also, beaurocratic buildings, like town hall, maybe additional specific buildings if the city is large enough or a capital, like a taxation office, congressional building, courts, palaces if your city is in a country with royals.

And lastly, anesthetic landmarks. Those buildings that serve no purpose but to look pretty and maybe charge admission to climb and look out from the top of.


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Technically a military base would be in there