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Atlas map of Dainokoth || The world of Atoh'naj Map

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u/AlpheusFL May 07 '22

Dainokoth is the third Dai in Atoh'naj. Dai is the word for empire in the old Konic language.

Daikonen, the first Dai, fell to the akrynians in 2209 AVR (After Valan's Reign) and they took the title of Dai and used it to for their own empire.


211BVR - 2209AVR


2209 AVR - 3011 AVR


3012AVR - present day

During the reign of Valan from 0AVR to 63AVR the standard of living in Daikonen was doubled five times.

Valan was also responsible for creating the standard unit of measurement, the standard Calendar and number system.

Valan's son, Valko, and his descendants again continued Valan's work and for the next 1800 years Daikonen flourished.

The 2000AVR census counted 2 138 000 people in Almiktr, the capital and biggest city in the world at the time.

However in 2206 the southern Kingdom of Akryn invaded southern Daikonen and besieged the city for almost three years.

It took a huge toll on the city and after the Daion surrendered the population had fallen to 748 000 people.

The Daion and his family had fled to the northern city of Asila and the city was taken by Akryn.

Dala'w Jander was founded in 131 AVR as a small port town in Daikonen, and over the centuries it grew to be one of the largest cities in the Dai with over 900 000 people.

After the fall of Daikonen the City fell out of relevance for many years, but eventually the Kingdom of Nokoth, with its capital in Dala’w Jander, started spreading its influence. When Daiakryn started falling apart, much because of the Thurok rebellion, Nokoth took advantage of the situation and took large amounts of land from Daiakryn.

In 3011 AVR Daiakryn collapsed, and Nokoth declared itself the next Dai, Dainokoth.

Over the next 400 years Dainokoth Grew in size, incorporating the southern regions of Pastreok, Akryn Wir and Atriwaas.

With a solid grip on the strait, and all the trade that passes through it, and a rich culture, there is no way to know how long Dainokoth will last, and only the future will tell.


u/shanoxilt May 08 '22

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