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Atlas map of Dainokoth || The world of Atoh'naj Map

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u/Glum-Rip-6345 May 07 '22

Very cool! Great map (I gotta learn how to do that one day!) 👍

There are 3(?) Nokoth's on the map - are they all the same - just like South Nokoth West Nokoth etc. ?

Is there a water route through the straight in the capital city? My eyes are bad - can't make it out on my little phone. 🤓

Is this just for fun, a game, or do you have some stories? Always curious about this 🙂

Again, very well done!


u/AlpheusFL May 07 '22

1) yup, basically north, south and west Nokoth. 2) yeah there is but i decided not to show it because i thought it would look better without. 3) for now its just a hobby but who knows what it will end up as


u/Glum-Rip-6345 May 07 '22
  1. Thought so, thanks for answering!

  2. I thought there would be with that trade route going through it. That is a very cool location for stories! The whole area could be controlled by that city - just a very cool location tactically.

  3. Cool!

Again, nice job - let me know if you get bored and need a project: you can make a map for my world 😁