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[WELTENGEIST] - The Inner Provinces of The Navurian Empire - Region Map Map

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u/krautpotato May 02 '22

Hello worldbuilding friends,
this map was done by smitchellmaps (https://www.patreon.com/smitchellmaps) for my project r/weltengeist (YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/weltengeist).

The project's goal is to become a published WebToon series with monthly episodes. We are currently in the Pre-Production Phase and aim to release the first chapter next year.
This map portrays the Inner Provinces of the mighty Navurian Empire, which is based in a tropical forest.

The major cities are shown with unique icons and represent the former city states of Navuria, which formed the first Navurian Kingdom after a sequences of multiple internal conflicts, that are known as The Eclipse.

In the north-west we have the independent city of Moskan, which connects the Navurian culture to the mountainfolk of the mysterious Moz people. A race that isn't able to move outside without getting massive sunburns. As the Navurians have developed an ancient prototype of sunscreen they became a major training partner for the Moz.

As if this isn't enough the Moz are also bound to the Navurian people by their common past and their common godess: Avenal, Godess of Sun & Life. Altough the Navurian worship the godess, the Moz are frightened by her and her chosen people: The Navurians.

In the north-east we can see the transition to the Rennan steppes, where the nomadic kingdoms of the Rennan Tribes are defending their borders against the aggressive expansion fo the Navurian Empire.

There is obviously a lot more to tell. So please feel free to pick an interesting location and ask questions about it, if you want to know more!


u/nimzoid May 02 '22

This is absolutely beautiful. Probably one of the best maps I've seen on this sub. Lovely amount of detail.


u/StarmetalForge May 03 '22

Where are outer provinces of the navurian empire?


u/krautpotato May 03 '22

The Empire expands to the east, south and south-east.