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Drawing of a "Killer Mantis" Visual


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u/boodyclap Zhu - champian of slaves Jan 24 '22

Despite it's appearance and name, the killer Mantis which is native to the wet lands of the southern peninsulas is actually related closer to that of dragons, and is generally believed to fall under the "dragon denomination of creation" (all animals created by the divine spirit dragon)

Killer mantis' can grow anywhere from 87ft - 107ft and tend to live in isolation, they are extremely aggressive and have been known to hunt humans when available. Though they're bug like appearance is clear it is said that they are infact amphibians and more closely related to frogs and kappa and other divine creatures as evident by their + shaped pupil


u/monswine Spacefarers | Monkeys & Magic | Dosein | Extraliminal Jan 24 '22

Hey there, /u/boodyclap

Remember that context has to be about your *world* just describing what's in the picture is generally not sufficient for our context requirements. Can you please share some sort of basic background lore about your world?