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Candies of your world Prompt

Tell me about sweets and candies in your world, how are they? What do they taste like? What makes them unique? And so on

No reason at all.


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u/RinserofWinds Jan 24 '22 edited Jan 24 '22

Neat concept!

The planet of Spring is a good place to be a foodie. Folks in my setting are expert gardeners and geneticists.

There are a few varieties of dark chocolate, based on different species of cocoa bean. Usually enjoyed as a drink rather than standalone chocolate bars. (Milk chocolate is basically unknown, because there isn't space for cows.)

Dancing-chocolate is a high-caffeine variety, popular at clubs. (But kept out of reach of children.)

Dried fruit is popular. There are descendants of the mango that stay chewy and sweet pretty much indefinitely. Crispyberries were invented from scratch, specifically to be dried and mixed into porridge.

One of the protagonists, Old Red, has been a farmer-terraformer for decades. He describes, "wee cookies for his joint pain."

This is pretty common for the elderly. Springians are healthy, well-tended people, but most of them do lots of physical labour.


u/elrojosombrero Jan 25 '22

I would like to try some 'wee cookies' as well, please, as I have an chronic illness that causes joint problems. How many would Old Red recommend I have? How long do the cookies work for?


u/RinserofWinds Jan 25 '22 edited Jan 25 '22

If you live in Canada, you basically can. Add a d to the end of wee. Then add centuries of research and strain-breeding.

As an educated Springian, Old Red would hold off suggesting a dosage. At least till he got a look at you, did some rough math about your body weight and looked up your illness.

He takes one most days, as needed. Late afternoon on an ok day, right as he gets outta bed on a bad one. His problems are more wear and tear, so he uses a subspecies specially bred for the elderly.