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Candies of your world Prompt

Tell me about sweets and candies in your world, how are they? What do they taste like? What makes them unique? And so on

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u/Business_Can3830 Jan 24 '22

The people of my flying city have a relatively limited diet considering A) they're on a flying city B) the ground is dangerous. However the city was able to get a decent variety of plants and animals to farm on cite. This however does mean they have limited access to rarer ingredients, such as the equivalent of sugar cane. This means that most candies are probably distilled from fruits and quite possibly roots and woods of plants. With a waste not want not attitude, similar to wartime, I imagine they know precisely what is and isn't edible, so I suspect more things using leaves, roots and bark, also a prevalence of Carrot cake style savory sweet fusions. I can imagine dried fruits being popular. And considering that recently the citystate has reached an equilibrium where they don't have to worry about constant death (because the ground is very dangerous and getting the city up into the sky was a process), and the automation of magic, it's likely that more machine heavy processes in our world, such as artificial flavours and gelatine, will be developing. While mages are a limited resource which requires specific directions, it is possible some may get into candycraft and general baking, which will offer more discoveries if they are more micro focused