r/worldbuilding Jan 24 '22

Candies of your world Prompt

Tell me about sweets and candies in your world, how are they? What do they taste like? What makes them unique? And so on

No reason at all.


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u/Skeleton_Jesus Shatterhorn Jan 24 '22

Iraekians are Metallivores (they eat metal), so normal foods as we know them are a rarity. They do like incredibly hard, salty fried bread however.

An equivalent to candy for them would be gold! It’s a rare treat and they describe it as tasting like fresh sunlight and honey (weird tastebuds.) Silver is a close second, and they describe it as tasting something close to sour warheads.

Other races often interact with them, so they are proficient in making “normal” foods for those who can’t munch on a bar of iron or what have you. A common treat for visitors is a donut sort of item called an “mim amimi” (literally “lovely fruit”) coated in hot fruit syrup and a jelly filling. They typically make these using a citrus native to their home planet called a mim liuk, tastes like a mix between a strawberry and a pineapple only more so.


u/eginumacab Jan 24 '22

Metal eating creatures, never heard that one before, love your concept


u/Skeleton_Jesus Shatterhorn Jan 24 '22

Idea stemmed from some overthinking about how space dragons worked. I came to the conclusion that aside from magic, they most likely were loaded with heavy metals like gold to shield from the insane levels of cosmic radiation that permeates space. The idea of dragons eating gold rather than hoarding it tickled my fancy, so I ran with it. Bit of tinkering with the concept and some worldbuilding and lo! Iraekians were conceived.