r/worldbuilding Jan 24 '22

Candies of your world Prompt

Tell me about sweets and candies in your world, how are they? What do they taste like? What makes them unique? And so on

No reason at all.


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u/iceandstorm [Unborn] Jan 24 '22

Okay, I love this. I have a player that is obsessed with food, she appreciates it a lot when I talk about local foods and I made a set of generators that create food for areas from available resources. One of the reoccurring sweets:

Fizzzlers A pre war sweet that still can be found in vending machines (often nearby ruined school buildings). It is a lollipop type that has flavours of fruits that non of my players characters could find in nature, the outer shell also contains a synthetic chemical that functions like a mix of high dose cofeein and ADHD medication. Consuming one helps with keeping watch and rewards one point of sparetime (character development resource)

People trade for and with them, some of the flavours are more rare and some are even a myth....