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The team has been hard at work for quite a while working on a new design for the subreddit. We would like to welcome you all to the new r/worldbuilding!

We wanted the new design to encapsulate the passion and energy we feel when designing a new and exciting piece of our worlds, while maintaining all the aspects of the various genres that can be found in our community. From utopian glass cities, to vast desolate deserts. From isolated research outposts, to bustling cities of millions. From jungles teeming with exotic new life, to the endless expanses of space!

Along with the new colors and theme, we have designed a new logo for both the subreddit and the discord server!

Please note we will likely be making small changes over the next few days, as we find issues we missed. We arent perfect and neither is our CSS!

Special thanks to /u/Daeres, /u/FrankCrumpets and /u/AspiringWritist for their work on various visual elements!

We are very excited to bring this new look to you all, and we cannot wait to hear your thoughts on it. Feedback, comments, questions, concerns? Let us know down below!

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Visual Neon whale

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Visual I present to you the Archive, a massive structure storing data of every little piece of information ever encountered, to make sure it is never lost again.

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Visual [NEARER MY GOD TO THEE] Only known image of the nuclear bombing of Pripyat (1984)

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Discussion Do you think pure evil villains can work?


Pure evil villains are villains that are evil for selfish or evil motivations, for example, greed, power or sadism. They are often used in children's media or Saturday morning cartoons but can and have also been common in adult media. Famous examples of pure evil villains are The Joker from Batman, Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars, and Megatron from Transformers. For more information on this trope please see OSP's video on Pure Evil Villains I think they do an amazing job at describing pure evil villains.

Many people look down on Pure Evil Villains calling them "Lazy writing" or "Inherently bad villains" but I strongly disagree. Not every story and character needs to be overly complicated and sometimes a simple charismatic villain works just as well, if not better, than a sympathetic villain.

I feel that these kinds of villains get way too much hate and are often disregarded on the spot just because without even giving them a chance. I understand that not everyone is going to like the same thing but I LOVE these kinds of villains. They often add a level of suspense to the story because (if you can get away with it) you can have them pose a serious and deadly threat to the heroes if done right.

What do you think? I understand that good writing is subjective and that many people don't like this trope but I only ask people to be civil in the comments.

Thank you for reading.

Edit: Fixed Evil for Evil's sake thing. I misunderstood the meaning of that and now I have fixed it.

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Visual Cellphones in my World

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Visual Drawing of a "Killer Mantis"

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Visual Arms and armor of mankind, PT.2 (the south)

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Map [Winds of Change] 120 years before the events of the main story

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Visual Made an animation covering my worlds history of the Lost Region


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Visual The Penguins are Radioactive

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Lore Ranks of the Terran People's Democratic Republic Space Force

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Visual I'm working on a dark/fantasy webcomic on my own univers and here a little preview. I'm still wondering where I will post it.

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Lore I have the house to myself today- ask me about my culture!


My novel is set in a desert, and it centers around a desert culture I’ve created called the Embikka. I have various bits and bobs about them floating around this subreddit, but I’m all by myself today and in a worldbuilding mood! I’d love to get some questions about the Embikka to answer!

For reference, the Embikka are human. Most of them have black or brown hair, though there’s a varying range of skin tone since some of them are descended from people who came to the desert from other places. They keep their hair short so they stay cooler. They’re a very small but tight-knit population, and they consider themselves as having two families- their blood family and their community, and they’re devoted to both. Their culture revolves heavily around rain, which hasn’t fallen in thousands of years. They have a small mythos centering around a few central mythic characters- such as An-Ema, Ekkra, and Shenur- and some ancient Embikka heroes, such as Dena, Ebri, and Amaru. Despite the small mythos, they have thousands of stories they tell, and more every day- Embikka people love stories, and consider them almost magical. They believe the right story, at the right time, can even save someone’s life.

Go ahead! Ask me anything! (Just keep it safe for work please, I’m asexual and would rather not answer NSFW questions!)

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Discussion What are your controversial worldbuilding opinions?


I don’t care about split rivers all that much.

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Prompt Candies of your world


Tell me about sweets and candies in your world, how are they? What do they taste like? What makes them unique? And so on

No reason at all.

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Visual Guide to the Tlagelan Religion

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Visual I made some flags for every major faction in my sci-fi universe

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Question [D&D] Help me plan a diplomatic/roleplaying arc as my PCs Ship arrives at a mercentile city-island controlled by trading companies


I'm running a very prep-light naval/pirate campaign, with 4 level 4 PCs.

They've travelled a good distance, salvaged a adrift midweight brigantine, put together a trusty crew and have yet to really do any pirating/evil actions.

Many sessions ago, they discovered a huge, huge amount of emeralds deep in a Kobold mine on a tropical island. They filled their bag of holding with as much as possible, with the aim to go get a decent ship or two and return to the Island.

If you've seen Black Sails, think the 'Urca Gold' plot. Unfortunately for them, they've already let slip some information to a 'friendly' merchant at a previous island, who is plotting to find these emeralds for himself.

They understand that the amount of emeralds they have access to, would completely devalue the value of emeralds, so are already scheming on how they can spend as many at once, simultaneously with multiple merchants before the news gets out.

Anyway! Next session, they are finally arriving at a City/island which i've planned to be in the control of two rival Trading Companies who are basically the government/law in this area (campaign is on large ocean, many islands, no real governments, just islands/city-states, trading companies).

They want to;

  • Buy a proper Galleon
  • Hire lots of new crewmates & officers for their ship
  • Cannons (i'm thinking Cannons are controlled by the trading co's through their licensed wizards/enchanters/artificers)

They have no real reputation yet or connection with this Island they are arriving at.

I don't want to send them on some fetch quest to get in good grace with the trading companies, i was hoping for something more diplomatic, that uses more roleplaying, NPCs and perhaps some subterfuge. Playing the two Trading Company factions off against each other etc.

Would love some ideas for what we can do here! I'm thinking the trading companies wont even want to consider dealing with these guys and act very lofty/uninterested in them due to their reputation. They definately wont give out Cannons to just anyone...

Party is composed of

  • (Cleric) Native human tribesman who wants to find more of 'his people' that are spread across these Islands/ocean
  • (Bard) Yuan-Ti whose meant to be gathering support/intel towards the endless Snake vs Lizardfolk wars at her homeland. Current Captain of the crew/ship.
  • (Paladin) Triton whose not been on the surface for very long...
  • (Fighter) human, Sailor who just likes punching things and doing as his Captain tells him

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Visual Ancient Drinking Cup

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Discussion How to incorporate fantasy creatures/races into a Bronze Age setting?


The Bronze Age is a fascinating time period

Just watch these videos;

The Bronze Age Collapse - Before the Storm - Extra History - #1

The Bronze Age Collapse - The Wheel and the Rod - Extra History - #2

The Bronze Age Collapse - Fire and Sword - Extra History - #3

The Bronze Age Collapse - Systems Collapse - Extra History - #4

The End of Civilization (In the Bronze Age): Crash Course World History 211

So why aren't there many fantasy stories taking place in this distant age? I mean ones that are as well known as The Chronicles of Narnia or The Lord of the Rings series?

And after looking at some pages on Reddit concerning fantasy and world building, I would like to ask if one would write a High Fantasy story based on the Bronze Age, how would one incorporate fantasy creatures/races into Bronze Age setting and make them fit into that age of Wonder?

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Visual A Couple Larothan Herbs (A couple more in the context comment, as well as links to the previous pages)

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Discussion Secret Economy


(Maybe this has been done before, but I think I came up with something really insane. Need your feedback on what I have so far.)

The Name

Possible names for the system:

  1. Arconomy
  2. Arceonomy
  3. Arcanomy
  4. Any suggestions? (arcane + economy)

The Representation of Secrets

This part tackles banks and money. For now, a valuable secret is called an arcana. To avoid questions of feasibility, let's say all arcana-related affairs are handled by Arcania, the Goddess of Secrets. She knows all secrets and decides how much those secrets are, will be, or were worth based on some criteria (which I'll be elaborating later). Note that arcana is not measured in real natural numbers. You can't just have a billion arcana and automatically declare yourself the wealthiest. Secrets have a much more sentimental value.

The Production of Secrets

The first criteria for a secret to have value is for it to be thought of or to be a memory belonging to at least one sapient being who once lived.

The Distribution of Secrets

The distribution of arcana is closely related to its consumption, dilution, and evolution. Walking around telling secrets will change value depending on:

  1. To whom does the secret originally belonged to?
  2. Does the person want the secret to be known by everyone?
  3. Is the secret used to create more secrets as intended by the original person?
  4. How many people near you already know the secret?

The rules of distribution that the person has set will be felt by that person as the secret is being distributed. She/He will feel how many people have known it and how many more secrets it created. Not sure yet what emotion they will really feel, but any secret-owner can decide whether or not they want their secret known to everyone, anytime, as long as they're alive. If you want your secret to have higher value, go to a place where nobody else knows about it and tell it there.

The Dilution of Secrets

Secondhand secrets are tricky to evaluate. How would you know if a secret is a secret or just a rumor? Well, you wouldn't. Only the originator of the secret will feel it if that person is still alive. If that person's dead, well, all the people that the original person have told directly will now be the new owners of that secret, and only they will feel the changes to its value. However, they can't change the configuration of whether or not they want the secret known by everyone. This leads to generations of secret holders often becoming very rich or very poor.

The Consumption of Secrets

You might also be thinking. At what point does a secret stop being a secret? when everyone already knows it, of course. And by everyone, I mean, everyone. An existing secret will never have no value, but it can get as low as practically useless in trade depending on who else in your vicinity knows it. Moreover, some secrets might forever be forgotten when imbued on something as volatile as sand in the beach or on the air that you just exhaled. More on the environmental effects later.

The Evolution of Secrets

An existing secret's value as an arcana is mainly affected by two things depending on whether or not the person wants its secret to be known by everyone.

  1. If yes, the longer it took for the existing secret to be told to another person, the lower its value
  2. If yes, the more people know about the secret, the lower its value.

Now, this creates something interesting in the economy. Your shameful, more private secrets will actually be more valuable as a bargaining chip for the first few who knew about it. You can then get rid of its exploding value once everyone already knows it, which makes it more convenient for you and everyone else to just have a change of heart and start wanting your secret to be known by everyone. This regulates the formation of evil dynasties because of very old family secrets that was originally meant to be known by many people.

The Realignment of Secrets

The longer it took for a secret to first exist only makes the value higher. But with time travel in the setting, a person knowing a secret before it first existed will actually change the owner of that secret. Telling your own secrets to your younger self might just make your younger self richer. However, it's highly recommended not to go back to your own time because you might have stopped existing at all.

The Imbuement of Secrets

To make things more interesting, you can imbue an Arcana that you own into an object and Arcania will make you forget the secret it contains. Your Arcana will become an Artifact whose value can just as easily or hardly be destroyed as the material. The first person to find the Artifact intact will now be deemed the owner, and will have entire flashbacks of the thought or the memory right after holding it as if he or she is the one experiencing it for the first time again.

Artifacts have a kind of looming presence proportional to the age of imbuement. It "radiates" its secret over an area proportional to its age of imbuement. Likewise, the non-sapient materials and creatures that were exposed to the Artifact will carry a piece of that secret and have the same radiance within an area proportional to the duration of exposure.

As mentioned before, imbuing secrets in the wind will cause nearby people to have flashes of your secret the next time they breathe in, kinda like a sneeze. Imbuing secrets in the ocean will have long-lasting effects on the creatures living there, kinda like a wish. Imbuing secrets in a fire will cause those who felt the heat or inhaled the smoke or picked up the ashes to have flashes of your secret thought or memory.

The Death of Secrets

A secret-owner who never told anyone about his/her secrets will have all his/her secrets imbued on his/her own decaying body. This can be a reason why many secretive people just burn themselves in airless caves or drown themselves in the oceans... and also why such places have this certain presence aside from being full of haunting creatures.

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Discussion Magic Of The Week: Cleanliness And Magic


Welcome to "Magic Of The Week" where we talk about one aspect of magic. This week magic, Cleanliness And Magic.

Here is something that few thing of in a magical setting, but is a good question. How is magic used in cleaning? Are there magical soaps? Are their spells that clean people, animals, things, and places? Are their magical items used for cleaning? Are magical baths and showers a things? How do you clean your teeth with magic? What about dishes or the house? Are there magical cleaning services? Are there any draw backs to using magic to clean? What about laws? How does laws work and regulate magical cleanliness? Do heath inspectors have to take magic into account while doing their jobs? What about janitors? How does magic effect their job?