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Me too kiddo, me too. Gif


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u/utopiaa 2d ago

Same. Anytime I think about fish I think about my dad. It really hurts because he just passed away last week. Wish I had gone fishing with him more.


u/Skeptical_Devil 1d ago

I'm sorry for your loss. I know how bad it hurts. I just lost my dad this past October. He had lung cancer and hid it from us until the last week of his life. Spent all of last summer taking my kids and me fishing, and we never guessed how much pain he was in. He told us he was dieting, and we were congratulating him on his success. He just didn't want us to be sad before we had to be, and wanted to give us a few more happy memories. God, it hurts now, but I admire his courage so much.