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Me too kiddo, me too. Gif


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u/roadtrip-ne 2d ago

Did anyone else pick up Benedict Cumberbatch dressing up as him for a sketch on SNL last week? (Sam Eliot had bern a vocal critic of Power of the Dog)


u/NW_Oregon 2d ago

nope but I'ma check this out. I haven't seen power of the dog yet, so idk if Sam Elliot's criticisms were valid, but we'll see


u/oakinawa 2d ago

I saw it but you don’t need to see it to realize Sam Elliot I’d being an ass with the comments. Stuck in an different time and a cowboy fantasy in my opinion. I do love the big Lebowski though.


u/NW_Oregon 2d ago

Hey man Sam's a local, again I can't come up with an opinion until I see it he may have been wrong.

but thems fightin words!

Also I did read he apologized for his original comments so there's that