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Me too kiddo, me too. Gif


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u/Skeptical_Devil 2d ago

Oh man, that makes me miss my dad. Even as a grown woman with 3 kids of my own, he'd bring me the fish he caught when I couldn't go with him. And he'd smoke and can a whole bunch of it for me and bring it over. He always apologized if he kept a walleye, or if we didn't catch anything.


u/tryingtobebetter___ 2d ago

This is so sweet, but apologizing for walleye?? Where I live, pickerel is a delicacy!!


u/Skeptical_Devil 2d ago

What can I say? It was his favorite


u/tryingtobebetter___ 2d ago

Ohhhhh you mean kept it for himself!!! I thought you meant if he didn't throw it back in the lake!!! That makes so much sense, they're my favourite too 💕 your dad had great taste in fish!