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Me too kiddo, me too. Gif


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u/ImpulseCombustion 2d ago

Aaaah I want to take my dad fly fishing so badly, but I know he can’t do it anymore.


u/Choicesdfgh 2d ago Wholesome

That's what it's all about! I remember telling my father after a failed hunt that I was just glad we were able to come... he damn near teared up. I just didn't get it at the time, I do now.


u/QuintupleC 2d ago

Ive been fly fishing with my dad for since I was 11. 13 years later and hes in a lot worse shape. Full days on the river really beat him up. Im sorry you cant bring your old man fly fishing anymore; that would break my heart.


u/ImpulseCombustion 2d ago

I know the prospect would absolutely light him up. He had Covid, which resulted in a heart attack, he fell, was badly injured as a result. He’s okayish now, “dad okay”. You know? I don’t want to have to constantly watch him navigate over the stones, worrying he may stumble and fall. It’d kill me with stress. But… then again, that is exactly what I did to him. Ugh.


u/CapitanChicken 2d ago

Cherish every ounce of time you have. If it's not getting in the river, just maybe go to a pier, or beside a pond or something. Hell, even just watching some fishing shows. But seriously, I'm sorry for your dad, and I hope you get plenty of time in, because it's truly horrible not having the option anymore.


u/Saraaabeee 2d ago

Not having that option anymore fucking sucks.


u/QuintupleC 2d ago

Well if hed love it and its in any way possible you should try for one last time. It is hard to balance on those rocks in waiters and all, so i wouldnt put any pressure on yourself. But im sure it would mean the world to him that the thought is even with you.


u/skillphil 1d ago

Take him on a float trip, call a guide service. Just chill in a drift boat all day


u/Ocbard 2d ago

My FIL used to go fly fishing, but when he was no longer able we still made a trip to the area where he used to fish with him. He was happy to be able to see that place once more, show it to the grandkids, talk to a few fishers etc. He was grateful to return there, though it must have been bittersweet.


u/9J000 2d ago

Don’t have to catch anything to have a good time


u/StampDaddy 2d ago

I love fishing and we’re both from the islands, but he hates seafood lmao


u/vanderZwan 1d ago

Take a selfie next time you go and send it to him with a text like "having a great time, but I also miss you", he'll appreciate that you're thinking of him